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8 Animals By Red Gate O' Conner
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Cave's Little Pat P205975 Cave's St Pat S 0000-00-00
Cave's Romulus P206008 Cave's Liz S 0000-00-00 Jerome Roundcount 4
Cave's Amelia 036092 Cave's St Pat C Dun 2009-03-23 Darrell Cave Alice Hogsett 2
Eshcol Valley Ramses 025851 Cave's St Pat B Black 2010-02-22 Matthew Brodersen Martha Williams 9
Eschol Valley Rebecca 040352 Cave's St Pat C Dun 2011-04-15 Matthew Brodersen Gordon & Nancy Snider
Eshcol Valley Dartan 039266 Schultes Farm Ruby B Black 2014-10-19 Matthew Brodersen Gordon & Nancy Snider
Eschol Valley Ferdinand 041002 Cave's Liz B Dun 2015-03-17 Matthew Brodersen Matthew Brodersen
Eschol Valley Britney 041003 Cave's Liz C Black 2016-03-05 Matthew Brodersen Matthew Brodersen

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