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38 Animals By Glenn Land Mr Tor
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Glenn Land Fossa P205854 Little Farm's Tipperary S 0000-00-00
Glenn Land Fossa P206139 Glenn Land Ms Nanci 0000-00-00 1
Glenn Land Ms Trudy P207103 Glenn Lane Ursa S 0000-00-00 1
Little Farms Winnie P205678 Little Farm's Thornak S 0000-00-00 1
Glenn Land Mr Willie 033410 Little Farm's Tipperary B Red 2009-03-24 Wes Patton Mike and Bambi Fowler 9
Glenn Land Wilda 037973 Glenn Land Ms Molly C Black 2009-04-05 Wes Patton Wes Patton 2
Glenn Land Ms Wing 037974 Glenn Land Rori C Black 2009-04-06 Wes Patton Wes Patton 5
Little Farms William 030375 Little Farms Shamrock B Black 2009-04-06 Virginia Mills Tamara Dumont 9
Little Farms Willow 024270 Little Farms Roxanne C Black 2009-05-06 Virginia Mills Kathleen Wojdac 4
Photo Available Glenn Land Mr Kildare 027337 Little Farm's Tipperary B Red 2010-04-14 Wes Patton Michelle & Mark Hall 37
Photo Available Glenn Land Ms Tralee 037063 Lassie of HH C Red 2010-04-22 Wes Patton Renee Rivard 2
RCR Mr. Samuel 040355 Glenn Land Ms Eden B Black 2010-04-26 Dawn Simas Wendy Baroli 3
Glenn Land Ms Shadow 030647 Glenn Land Ms Molly C Black 2011-04-09 Wes Patton Robert & Sheena Lankford 1
East Fork Tammy 025644 Little Farms Willomena C Black 2011-09-02 Virginia Mills Lisa & Jerry Sabol 2
Glenn Land Ms Diva 037077 Glenn Land Scarlet C Black 2012-03-29 Wes Patton Kim Warmerdam 3
Glenn Land Ms Aspen 037987 Glenn Land Maple C Red 2013-05-01 Wes Patton Wes Patton
Glenn Land Gouda 031987 Glenn Land Ms Trudy C Dun 2013-06-01 Wes Patton Jonathan and Shannon Krueger
Glenn Land Bertha 037995 Zediker Ranch Peach C Dun 2014-08-14 Wes Patton Andrew Blum
Glenn Land Ms Bess 038294 Lane's End Angeline C Dun 2014-09-07 Wes Patton Shawneen Blazer 1
BW Tornado 037295 4S Wendy B Red 2015-02-24 Weston Berry Janet Steffey 1
Glenn Land Catrina 037998 Glenn Land Maple C Dun 2015-03-11 Wes Patton Dan & Charline Cummins
BW Axlewood 037294 4S Ebony B Black 2015-03-21 Weston Berry Damon Plant
Walking O Sir Flannigan 038024 Walking O Orla B Dun 2015-04-15 Wilda Dilts Wilda Dilts
Glenn Land Ms Charm 038261 Lane's End Angeline C Dun 2015-08-06 Wes Patton Shawneen Blazer
5JR Bullet 041336 Glenn Land Ms Molly B Black 2016-04-24 Brody & Robin Johnson Greg Dickens
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