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7 Animals By Double Irish Finnegan
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Midhill Tate 037764 SGF SMIR Emily B Red 2015-06-06 Carol Koller Jerry/Linda Rininger 1
Midhill Francesca 037762 SGF SAKE Flame C Red 2015-06-28 Carol Koller Carol Koller
Midhill Thunder 037763 Midhill Fire B Red 2015-09-06 Carol Koller Janet Davis
Midhill Black Dior 039791 Amorphous Clover C Black 2016-04-09 Carol Koller Mark & Valerie Ferguson
Midhill Ella 040086 Midhill Ember C Red 2016-05-09 Carol Koller Carol Koller
O'Brien's Jazzy 041408 Misty Meadows Jackie Jo C Red 2016-06-05 Chris O'Brien Chris O'Brien
Midhill Last Sparkle 039987 Midhill McKenna C Black 2016-07-04 Carol Koller Mark & Valerie Ferguson

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