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43 Animals By Euchee Creek's Red Sonny
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Euchee Creek's Red Rita 037726 Willows Rebecca C Red 2015-09-23 Don & Sheila Farris Don & Sheila Farris
Cimmarons LI Luna 039763 Cimarrons LI Lilac C Black 2016-02-07 Robert & Deborah Miller Micheal McAnally Linda Holloway
Euchee Creek's Red Amos 039018 EE Amber B Red 2016-02-27 Don & Sheila Farris Robert & Louise Reasoner 11
Photo Available Euchee Creek's Red Hollis 039019 Euchee Creek's Red Happy B Red 2016-03-21 Don & Sheila Farris Jim & Meg Higgins
Euchee Creek's Red Gotcha 039017 EE Grace B Red 2016-04-01 Don & Sheila Farris Susan French 8
WDH King Kio 039128 Ridings Farm Katrina B Red 2016-04-06 Kathy Ryan Greg & Pam Baker 2
Euchee Creek's Red Solomon 039159 Euchee Creek's Red Sofia B Red 2016-04-17 Don & Sheila Farris Tom & Phyllis Stidham
Moosters Red Rover 040560 Moosters Yanni B Red 2016-09-15 Chris & Vicki Jones Chris & Vicki Jones 2
Moosters Juliet Capulet 040458 Gladhour Wrencesky C Red 2016-09-26 Chris & Vicki Jones Dave & Julie Reimer
Moosters Rawhide Romeo 040559 Moosters Rhiannon B Red 2016-09-26 Chris & Vicki Jones Dale Baltrus
Moosters Douglas 041761 Wieringa's Saphire TS B Red 2016-10-01 Chris & Vicki Jones Mark Durnan
Moosters Red Tinsel 040528 HC ARBA Aileen C Red 2016-12-07 Chris & Vicki Jones Chris & Vicki Jones
Moosters Face the Music 041047 Moosters Angel Face C Black 2017-02-27 Chris & Vicki Jones Chris & Vicki Jones
Moosters Rawhide Ranger 041048 Moosters Flash Dance B Red 2017-03-01 Chris & Vicki Jones Steven & Janice Mullins
Moosters You Dun Good 041050 Shaw's 18W C Dun 2017-03-06 Chris & Vicki Jones Steve & Susan Albritton
Moosters Brass Ring 042814 Grandma's Amber B Red 2017-03-08 Chris & Vicki Jones Business/ Simons Bro Livestock
Moosters Citrus Bliss 041084 White Rock Scarlet C Red 2017-03-10 Chris & Vicki Jones Jay & Sarah Steffan
Moosters Rawhide Copper 041760 Magic Hills Farm Rose B Red 2017-03-11 Chris & Vicki Jones Chris & Vicki Jones
Moosters Honeysuckle 041509 High Pines Jasmine C Dun 2017-03-14 Chris & Vicki Jones Gold Rush Dexters
Moosters Trixie 041123 Moosters Xinger C Black 2017-03-14 Chris & Vicki Jones Adrian & Kristy Bruyere
Moosters Picard 041506 Calli's Lucy Lou B Red 2017-03-18 Chris & Vicki Jones Matt and Carmine Heilig
Moosters Esmerelda 041646 Gladhour Rominy Raya C Black 2017-03-22 Chris & Vicki Jones Henry & Katie Martinez
HMDD Ruby 043122 4S Heba C Red 2017-03-30 Dave and Melynda May Dave and Melynda May
HMDD Sweet Pea 043125 4S Heidi C Black 2017-04-01 Dave and Melynda May Dave and Melynda May
Moosters Jalapeno 043776 Moosters Salsa B Red 2017-04-13 Chris & Vicki Jones Will & Jana Strahan
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