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19 Animals By IA Jaxon
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
FF Katrina 034003 FF Heavens To Betsy C Black 2014-01-21 Warren & Sally Coad Tim & Erin Ford Whitehead
FF Billy Bob 034004 3CF FF Linda Lou S Black 2014-01-26 Warren & Sally Coad Priscilla Ireys
Photo Available FF Freedom's How Its Dun 034005 FF Dun Playin' B Dun 2014-01-29 Warren & Sally Coad Mike & Deborah Botruff 25
FF Freedom's Mayson 034294 FF Cora May B Black 2014-02-01 Warren & Sally Coad Sasha Grams
FF Freedom's J.J. 034295 FF Jolene B Black 2014-02-08 Warren & Sally Coad Carl Jett
FF Freedom's Snowdrift Sam 034296 FF Mud Puddle Pearl B Dun 2014-02-12 Warren & Sally Coad Erica Bunch
FF Irish Whiskey Girl 034297 FF Spice Girl C Black 2014-03-17 Warren & Sally Coad Warren & Sally Coad 2
FF Sparky 034714 Mud Valley Sunshine B Black 2014-03-21 Warren & Sally Coad Mark & Rebecca Buono BGV Farms
FF Hello April 034300 FF Hello Kitty C Dun 2014-04-01 Warren & Sally Coad Warren & Sally Coad
FF Diddle Dee-Dee 034496 WWW Xira C Dun 2014-04-06 Warren & Sally Coad Dwight & Shannon Hambley 1
FF Gator Boy 034501 NSNF's Zoey S Black 2014-05-09 Warren & Sally Coad Andi Harper
FF Wilson 034984 FF Windy Willow S Dun 2014-06-01 Warren & Sally Coad Margaret and Harry Edwards
GPF Southern Glory 036559 Dixie Shelia C Dun 2015-03-23 Steve & Susan Albritton David and Katie Branch
GPF Southern Belle 036825 OCC Scarlett C Dun 2015-05-06 Steve & Susan Albritton Steve & Susan Albritton
Photo Available GPF Dixie With Love 036967 Dixie Tabitha C Dun 2015-05-18 Steve & Susan Albritton Steve & Susan Albritton 1
Photo Available GPF Southern Charm 037033 PF Gailstorm C Dun 2015-06-07 Steve & Susan Albritton Steve & Susan Albritton 1
GPF Southern Day Star 037034 Jubilee Farms Dolly C Dun 2015-06-08 Steve & Susan Albritton Donald & Hannah Garvey
Masters Touch Sassy Frass 040427 Masters Touch Fifi C Black 2015-12-14 Ronnie & JoAnn Penot Catherine & Julian Chiasson
Masters Touch Micah 039544 Masters Touch Belle B Black 2015-12-27 Ronnie & JoAnn Penot William Coleman

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