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11 Animals By Belle Fourche Clay
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Belle Fourche Penny Lane 026812 Belle Fourche Ruby Tues C Red 2011-08-01 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 2
Belle Fourche Hollister 026813 Quailgate Fergie B Red 2011-08-27 Gabriella Nanci Ashlee Mueller 4
Belle Fourche Norma Jean 029029 Belle Fourche Hot Tamale C Red 2012-06-14 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 1
Butterfly Freedom 031765 Quailgate Fergie B Red 2012-07-04 Claudia Urdinola R. Claudia Urdinola R. 6
Belle Fourche Lucy w/ Diamonds 029722 Belle Fourche Ruby Tues C Red 2012-09-09 Gabriella Nanci Leo & Jean Rainey 1
Belle Fourche John Hancock 032225 Hillview Jan B Red 2013-04-08 Gabriella Nanci Debora Fratzke 1
Belle Fourche Eliza Fair 034147 Mrald Sabrina Fair C Red 2014-03-01 Gabriella Nanci Paul & Natalie Webber 1
Photo Available NewHope Peachberry Jam 034451 NewHope Tulip Belle C Red 2014-04-08 Kim Newswanger NewHope Cattle Co. Kim Newswanger NewHope Cattle Co. 1
NewHope Peach Mezzaluna 042146 Legend Red Luna C Red 2017-01-20 Kim Newswanger NewHope Cattle Co. Kim Newswanger NewHope Cattle Co.
RebelCO Clementine 042504 Moosters Abigail Von Moo C Red 2017-08-17 Matt and Carmine Heilig Matt and Carmine Heilig
Belle Fourche Paloma 042600 Dexter Downs Red Robin C Red 2017-08-31 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci

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