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58 Animals By FF Freedom's Valor
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Sorted by ColorColor Birth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
DL Salt's FF Taffy 036943 Old Orchard CC Salt C Black 2015-03-19 Mary Margaret Fiscella Danny Collins
FF Answered Prayers 033202 FF Hi-N-Mighty Amy C Black 2013-09-12 Warren & Sally Coad Warren & Sally Coad 1
Photo Available FF Bertha 033579 FF Splash Of Paint C Black 2013-11-22 Warren & Sally Coad Patricia Maureen Sheldon 2
Photo Available FF Bubba's Got Bling 035697 FF Splash Of Paint S Black 2014-11-15 Warren & Sally Coad Warren & Sally Coad
FF Buster PoinDexter 036875 FF Hi-N-Mighty Amy S Black 2014-07-31 Warren & Sally Coad Danny Collins
FF Christmas Beau 033750 Costa Me Lotsa Jan S Black 2013-12-16 Warren & Sally Coad Mike Marlene Holli Chapel
FF Go Dog Go 034502 Diamond B DBG Renna S Black 2014-05-11 Warren & Sally Coad Warren & Sally Coad
FF It's What's For Dinner 034500 CJS Yesterday S Black 2014-05-08 Warren & Sally Coad Joanna Henry
FF Jingle Bell Rock 033751 FF Lil' Irish Jig S Black 2013-12-15 Warren & Sally Coad John and Cheri Warner
FF TM Jesse James 036285 HCF Miss Janie B Black 2014-11-17 Jack and Audrey Haynes Andi Harper
FF Viva Las Vegas 034301 FF Daisy Mae S Black 2014-04-07 Warren & Sally Coad John and Cathy Aller
FF Autumn's Twig 034728 SNJ Lady Autumn S Dun 2013-08-19 Warren & Sally Coad Warren & Sally Coad
FF Cave Creek Courtney 036043 FF Lil' Irish Jig C Dun 2014-11-14 Warren & Sally Coad Jennifer McPheeters 2
FF Chaneys Brown Betsy 036380 Ono Valley's Butter C Dun 2015-01-31 Warren & Sally Coad John & Debbie Greene 2
FF Curtis 036549 Ono Valley's Chloe S Dun 2015-01-31 Warren & Sally Coad Renee Schaaf
Photo Available FF Dream Catcher 034002 FF Imagine That C Dun 2014-01-20 Warren & Sally Coad John & Lisa Sabo 3
FF Dustin 031824 Ono Valley's Sara S Dun 2013-06-14 Warren & Sally Coad Kirby and Darlene Vidrine
FF Freedom's Kirkhaven 032243 WHF My Genesis Dawn B Dun 2013-06-02 Warren & Sally Coad Haden & Lesa Reid 12
FF Udder Chaos 036544 Dixie Alex C Dun 2015-01-13 Warren & Sally Coad Joe Legler 2
FF Who-Dun-It 032343 FF Windy Willow S Dun 2013-07-22 Warren & Sally Coad Warren & Sally Coad
FF Zelda 034981 Mixed Bag Zeba C Dun 2014-07-10 Warren & Sally Coad Roy & Morgan Willard 2
FF Aine 036641 Dixie Tala C Red 2015-02-18 Warren & Sally Coad Debra Ann Conness
FF Bo 036510 WHF My Genesis Dawn S Red 2015-02-25 Warren & Sally Coad Justin Scherer
FF Caliente 031822 Rhema's Red Hot S Red 2013-05-31 Warren & Sally Coad David Madeiros
FF Calin Rua 036746 3CF FF Linda Lou C Red 2015-01-28 Warren & Sally Coad Matthew & Elizabeth Ward
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