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44 Animals By Moses Meadow's Clint
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Bar None's April 033870 Bar None's Angie C Dun 2013-08-14 David Jones Douglas Loyd 2
Bar None's Phoebe 033869 Hickory Hill Anita C Dun 2013-08-16 David Jones Carrie Beal 3
RB Beth 034089 RB Bailey C Red 2013-09-17 Randall Bowman David Jones
RB Dakota 034192 DW Dove B Black 2013-09-18 Randall Bowman Pat Bolton 5
RB Jill 034090 Bar None's Safire C Red 2013-09-22 Randall Bowman David Jones 1
Photo Available RB Case 034191 RB Daisy B Black 2013-09-24 Randall Bowman Randall Bowman
RB Susie 036127 WH Clandia C Black 2013-09-25 Randall Bowman Jason Devries
Photo Available RB Samson 034125 Bar None's Terri B Black 2013-10-04 Randall Bowman Mark Nemir
RB Darla 034088 Bar None's Teddie C Black 2013-10-10 Randall Bowman Randall Bowman
Photo Available RB Winchester 034157 RB Lilly B Red 2014-02-07 Randall Bowman Miguel Perez 3
Bar None's Bella 034753 Hickory Hill Amber C Dun 2014-02-12 David Jones Donald & Sondra Strahan
ES Maddy Dun It 034637 MornStar Miss Maddy C Dun 2014-02-14 Evening Star Dexter Cattle Evening Star Dexter Cattle
RB Maggie 034566 RB Tory C Black 2014-02-18 Randall Bowman Randall Bowman
RB Little Red 036126 RB Gina C Red 2014-02-20 Randall Bowman Tommy Cromeens
Bar None's Bentley 034754 TV Kimberly B Dun 2014-02-26 David Jones David Jones
ES Bar None's Cl 034636 Wieringa's India NR B Dun 2014-04-19 Evening Star Dexter Cattle Evening Star Dexter Cattle
Bar None's Bethanne 035395 Hickory Hill Leona C Dun 2014-05-15 David Jones Roy Cadwalder
Bar None's Balin 035397 Bar None's Angie B Dun 2014-06-13 David Jones David Jones
Bar None's Baker 035396 Bar None's Holley B Dun 2014-06-22 David Jones David Jones
RB Brandy 037419 RB Bailey C Red 2014-10-12 Randall Bowman David Jones
RB Megan 037403 Bar None's Safire C Dun 2014-10-15 Randall Bowman Steve & Susan Albritton 1
RB Moses 037418 RB Bella B Dun 2014-10-22 Randall Bowman Devin Flatt
Bar None's Bria 036391 Bar None's Teddie C Black 2014-11-01 David Jones Connie Teuscher
RB Emma 037708 RB Emily C Red 2015-03-13 Randall Bowman Randall Bowman
RB Bessie 037705 DW Dove C Red 2015-03-16 Randall Bowman Randall Bowman
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