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6 Animals By WHF Freedom's Raven
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
FF Chance of Flurries 032249 Rocking H Suzi B Black 2013-04-21 Warren & Sally Coad Robert and Bambi Wheale 3
FF Blessed Be 031320 Rhema's Halo C Red 2013-04-26 Warren & Sally Coad Cliff Peter 3
FF Just Sayin' 031321 FF Penny 4 Your Thoughts C Black 2013-04-29 Warren & Sally Coad Warren & Sally Coad 2
FF Murphy's Law 031821 Lazy J5 Lilly S Black 2013-05-30 Warren & Sally Coad David Madeiros
FF Madeline 032064 Windy Hills Aingeal C Black 2013-06-23 Warren & Sally Coad Jonie Smith
FF Freedom's Do Tell 032421 FF Annie's Dear Abbey B Red 2013-06-26 Warren & Sally Coad Dave & Julie Reimer 5

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