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16 Animals By Glenn Land Mr Tomas
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Glenn Land Ms Yara P207159 Little Farm's Tipperary S 0000-00-00 1
Glenn Land Ms Zinnea P207162 Glenn Land Ms Phoebe S 0000-00-00 1
Glenn Land Mr Wyatt 031657 Glenn Land Ms Sally B Black 2009-03-18 Wes Patton Leah Williams
Glenn Land Ms Willa 037972 Glenn Land Ms Riki C Black 2009-04-04 Wes Patton Chris & Vicki Jones 2
Glenn Land Ms Wicker 037976 Glenn Land Ms Patsy C Black 2009-04-29 Wes Patton Wes Patton 4
Glenn Land Cree 023987 Glenn Land Ms Platinum C Black 2010-04-05 Wes Patton Wes Patton
Glenn Land Ms Swan 023986 Glenn Land Ms Silver C Black 2010-04-12 Wes Patton Laura and David Simmons
Glenn Land Ms Clare 035031 Glenn Land Ms Patsy C Black 2010-04-15 Wes Patton Mike and Bambi Fowler
Glenn Land Ms Athea 035032 Glenn Land Red Sable C Black 2010-04-17 Wes Patton Mike and Bambi Fowler 1
Glenn Land Abbey 039612 4S Amber C Black 2010-05-10 Wes Patton Josiel Lopez
Glenn Land Enya 024659 Glenn Land Ms Uri C Black 2011-03-05 Wes Patton Nicki Grant
Photo Available Glenn Land Mr Mojave 027361 Glenn Land Ms Peggy B Dun 2011-04-28 Wes Patton Jimmie Bauer 12
Honey Oaks Breana 025408 Little Farms Willow C Black 2011-05-30 Kathleen Wojdac Kathleen Wojdac 2
Glenn Land Ms Zenith 037982 Glenn Land Ms Patsy C Black 2012-04-26 Wes Patton Wes Patton 3
Photo Available Glenn Land Ms Zuza 034190 Liberty of HH C Black 2012-04-27 Wes Patton Jessica Dooley 3
Glenn Land Ms Zinnia 037983 Glenn Land Ms Phoebe C Black 2012-05-04 Wes Patton Wes Patton 2

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