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111 Animals By Belle Fourche Mr. Right
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Name ADCA# Dam Sorted by GenderGender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
A & P's Red Lava P206004 Belle Fourche Mon Chere B 0000-00-00 Piilani Borges Piilani Borges 1
Belle Fourche Braeburn 040585 Belle Fourche Apple B Red 2016-02-22 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 1
Photo Available Belle Fourche Clay 026721 Belle Fourche Chamomile B Red 2008-08-08 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 11
Belle Fourche Cosmo 039012 Hillview Lady Leah B Black 2010-06-09 Gabriella Nanci John Sullivan 3
Belle Fourche Courage 036241 Hillview Jemma B Red 2014-11-25 Gabriella Nanci Creig Bowland
Belle Fourche Dominic 025605 Serenity Oak Farm Cafe B Red 2010-10-26 Gabriella Nanci Shad Rotton 3
Belle Fourche Escobar 035615 Hillview Sally B Black 2008-05-04 Gabriella Nanci Dorene & Micheal Isaacs 3
Belle Fourche Lasair 025064 Circle H's Nutmeg B Red 2011-02-22 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 35
Belle Fourche Leroux 024772 Circle H's Nutmeg B Red 2010-03-13 Gabriella Nanci Business Oakland Cattle Co 9
Belle Fourche Montaigne 024718 Circle H's Nutmeg B Red 2010-01-17 Gabriella Nanci Nan & Tony Mancuso 5
Belle Fourche Mr. Noir 038130 Hillview Jan B Black 2015-09-12 Gabriella Nanci John & Debbie Greene
Belle Fourche Voltaire 026670 Circle H's Nutmeg B Red 2009-01-15 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 1
Photo Available Belle Fourche Washington 023119 Hillview Wendy B Red 2009-05-11 Gabriella Nanci Corter Family Corter 41
Brandenburgs Shaun 039257 Mud Valley Red Divah B Red 2015-11-13 Pat and Louise Brandenburg Brian Meagher
Destiny Valley's Taz 041481 Sac Valley's Ruby B Red 2016-12-14 Mike & Kelly Brandenburg Mike & Kelly Brandenburg
Photo Available Dexter Downs King David 026652 Hillview Wendy B Red 2011-07-10 Keith & Eileen Giger Roland Vaughan 16
Photo Available Dexter Downs Lamborghini 034442 Belle Fourche Madeline B Red 2013-12-17 Keith & Eileen Giger Stan and Linda Lennon 15
Dexter Downs Levi 031879 Belle Fourche Madeline B Red 2013-01-27 Keith & Eileen Giger Richard & John Buse & Grandgenett 34
Dexter Downs Lincoln Danville 036072 Hillview Wendy B Black 2014-12-24 Keith & Eileen Giger Graham Thompson 6
Dexter Downs Moto Moto 034068 Belle Fourche Mon Chou B Black 2013-07-03 Keith & Eileen Giger Jennifer McPheeters 6
Photo Available Dexter Downs Mr. IncREDible 028740 Belle Fourche Fifi B Red 2011-10-26 Keith & Eileen Giger Sam & Brian Davis 10
Dexter Downs Rory 030187 Mrald Belle Starr B Red 2012-06-24 Keith & Eileen Giger Sheldon and Tammy Blood 14
Dexter Downs Spencer 026317 Hillview Fiona B Red 2011-04-07 Keith & Eileen Giger William Tomlinson 18
Dexter Downs Wrangler 033469 Belle Fourche Lorna B Red 2013-03-18 Keith & Eileen Giger Casey Sheridan 3
Double Irish Clarence 039645 SGF STIT Karina B Red 2015-11-11 David & Michelle Ley Ford Stepp
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