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120 Animals By Belle Fourche Mr. Right
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Sorted by NameName ADCA# Dam Gender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
A & P's Red Lava P206004 Belle Fourche Mon Chere B 0000-00-00 Piilani Borges Piilani Borges 1
Belle Fourche Amorette 042974 Mrald Ready or Not C Red 2017-10-25 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
Belle Fourche Annie O. 024939 Mrald Belle Starr C Red 2010-05-31 Gabriella Nanci Business Oakland Cattle Co 3
Belle Fourche Bit-O-Honey 026551 Belle Fourche Madeline C Red 2011-04-08 Gabriella Nanci John and Cheri Warner 3
Belle Fourche Braeburn 040585 Belle Fourche Apple B Red 2016-02-22 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 7
Photo Available Belle Fourche Clay 026721 Belle Fourche Chamomile B Red 2008-08-08 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 13
Belle Fourche Cosmo 039012 Hillview Lady Leah B Black 2010-06-09 Gabriella Nanci John Sullivan 3
Belle Fourche Courage (ET) 036241 Hillview Jemma B Red 2014-11-25 Gabriella Nanci Creig Bowland
Photo Available Belle Fourche Devon 024940 Belle Fourche Feta C Red 2010-06-05 Gabriella Nanci Mark & Kathy Chaney 6
Belle Fourche Dominic 025605 Serenity Oak Farm Cafe B Red 2010-10-26 Gabriella Nanci Shad Rotton 3
Belle Fourche Eloise 024199 Belle Fourche Madeline C Red 2009-01-30 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 5
Belle Fourche Escobar 035615 Hillview Sally B Black 2008-05-04 Gabriella Nanci Dorene & Micheal Isaacs 3
Belle Fourche Fifi 024937 Hillview Fiona C Black 2007-11-25 Gabriella Nanci Dan Dronsick 4
Belle Fourche Gabriella (ET) 035765 Hillview Jemma C Red 2014-10-15 Gabriella Nanci Mack Durham
Belle Fourche Hermione 026668 Belle Fourche Eloise C Red 2011-03-21 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 3
Belle Fourche I Luv Lucy 032236 Hillview Jemma C Red 2008-08-02 Gabriella Nanci Piilani Borges
Belle Fourche Jazzmine 026549 Hillview Vanessa P C Black 2011-03-17 Keith & Eileen Giger Roger Windsor
Belle Fourche Kellie 025730 Svo Red Sos2 C Black 2010-11-05 Gabriella Nanci Robert Magee
Photo Available Belle Fourche Lady Bug 023718 Hillview Lady Leah C Red 2009-06-08 Gabriella Nanci Kevin & Holly Dzielak 6
Belle Fourche Lasair 025064 Circle H's Nutmeg B Red 2011-02-22 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 39
Belle Fourche Lavender 023736 Belle Fourche Chamomile C Black 2009-07-14 Gabriella Nanci Marius and Viorica Sipos 1
Belle Fourche Leroux 024772 Circle H's Nutmeg B Red 2010-03-13 Gabriella Nanci Business Oakland Cattle Co 9
Belle Fourche Libby 039338 Belle Fourche Angela C Black 2011-07-07 Gabriella Nanci Nan & Tony Mancuso 1
Belle Fourche Lovette 042846 Mrald Ready or Not C Red 2017-10-31 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
Belle Fourche Maid Marian 040270 Belle Fourche Pollyanna C Red 2016-09-09 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
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