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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Fairsing Precious Autumn 036886 FF Just Precious C Red 2014-10-11 Mark Sisk Mark Sisk 1
Fairsing Barbie's Adam 036885 FF Barbie Doll B Red 2014-10-14 Mark Sisk Jocelyn VanBokkelen 1
Belle Fourche Gabriella (ET) 035765 Hillview Jemma C Red 2014-10-15 Gabriella Nanci Mack Durham
Belle Fourche Strawberry Pie 043861 Belle Fourche Cherry Pie C Red 2014-10-15 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
Photo Available Dexter Downs Mon Miel 035586 Belle Fourche Mon Chou C Black 2014-10-23 Keith & Eileen Giger Mark & Kathy Chaney 1
Belle Fourche Courage (ET) 036241 Hillview Jemma B Red 2014-11-25 Gabriella Nanci Creig Bowland
Photo Available Dexter Downs Hannah 040969 Legacy Farm Annabelle C Black 2014-12-04 Keith & Eileen Giger John and Cathy Aller 1
Dexter Downs Lincoln Danville 036072 Hillview Wendy B Black 2014-12-24 Keith & Eileen Giger Graham Thompson 6
Dexter Downs Beatrice 036065 Belle Fourche Madeline C Red 2015-01-01 Keith & Eileen Giger John Bellamy
Belle Fourche Pristine 036716 Belle Fourche Apple C Red 2015-03-15 Gabriella Nanci Douglas Loyd 2
Elemental Scarlett 037183 Elemental Gracie C Red 2015-03-27 Tanya & Zan Garcia & Dewar Tanya & Zan Garcia & Dewar 1
Elemental Milan 037182 Elemental Sacred Rayne B Red 2015-04-18 Tanya & Zan Garcia & Dewar Carroll & Patricia Gossett
Moo-La Farms Salty 037192 Thomas' RY RED Mallu C Red 2015-05-11 Tonya Lamb Tonya Lamb
Happy Home-Acre Pan 037130 LSF Lady Luck B Black 2015-05-13 Lesa Varnell Lesa Varnell
Brandenburgs Delcie Rae 038310 Moses Meadow's Mandy C Black 2015-06-07 Pat and Louise Brandenburg Mike & Kelly Brandenburg 1
PPR Wind River 039732 PCF Cinnamons Fawn C Black 2015-06-15 Mark & Alexandra Alvis Mark & Alexandra Alvis 1
Rebel Ridges Shiloh 038226 Windy Hills Red Katrina B Red 2015-07-16 Carla Harris Mark Laster
Rebel Ridges Magnolia 038227 Windy Hills Red Ginger C Red 2015-07-23 Carla Harris Carla Harris
Photo Available Seekins Heritage Arabella 038616 CJS Yvette C Red 2015-08-08 Amy Seekins Wayne & Cheryl Blackburn
Belle Fourche Mr. Noir 038130 Hillview Jan B Black 2015-09-12 Gabriella Nanci John & Debbie Greene 12
Dexter Downs Mother Teresa 038023 Dexter Downs Ruby Tuesday C Red 2015-11-04 Keith & Eileen Giger Samuel E Marrs
Dexter Downs Lil Eileen 040513 Dexter Downs Duchess C Red 2015-11-09 Keith & Eileen Giger John and Cheri Warner
Double Irish Clarence 039645 SGF STIT Karina B Red 2015-11-11 David & Michelle Ley Ford Stepp
Brandenburgs Shaun 039257 Mud Valley Red Divah B Red 2015-11-13 Pat and Louise Brandenburg Brian Meagher
Belle Fourche Braeburn 040585 Belle Fourche Apple B Red 2016-02-22 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 7
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