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93 Animals By Belle Fourche Rousseau
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Belle Fourche Jazz 038036 Hillview Jan C Black 2008-12-04 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci
Belle Fourche Kinda Pink 024200 Hillview Fiona C Red 2008-12-16 Gabriella Nanci Jacqueline & Kevin Hyde 2
Photo Available Belle Fourche Cheddar 024403 Serenity Oak Farm Cafe B Red 2009-07-08 Gabriella Nanci Mark & Kathy Chaney 44
Belle Fourche Beatrice 024935 Quailgate Fergie C Red 2009-09-24 Gabriella Nanci Nan & Tony Mancuso 4
Belle Fourche Bogart 023953 Hillview Frida B Black 2009-10-02 Gabriella Nanci Sigrid Edwards 5
Belle Fourche Mon Chou 024762 Belle Fourche Mon Chere C Black 2009-10-30 Gabriella Nanci Gabriella Nanci 3
Belle Fourche Carmen 024198 Belle Fourche Helen C Red 2009-11-14 Gabriella Nanci Stefani & Chris Millman 4
Belle Fourche Adam 025596 Hillview Jan B Black 2009-11-23 Gabriella Nanci Ronnie & JoAnn Penot 11
Photo Available NewHope Ebony Belle 024860 SHF Keira Hill Dancer C Black 2011-04-19 Kim Newswanger NewHope Cattle Co. Herbert & Susan Lea 6
NewHope Mignnon 024861 Sweet Dream Eavan S Red 2011-04-21 Kim Newswanger NewHope Cattle Co. Kim Newswanger NewHope Cattle Co.
Photo Available Elemental Gracie 025308 Thomas' RY Red Mystra C Red 2011-07-11 Tanya & Zan Garcia & Dewar Laile Fletcher 3
Photo Available NewHope Tulip Belle 030235 Sweet Dream Eavan C Red 2012-03-20 Kim Newswanger NewHope Cattle Co. Randy Thompson 2
Photo Available NewHope Iris Belle 030234 HV Platinum Ladybell C Black 2012-03-29 Kim Newswanger NewHope Cattle Co. Katie Davis 2
Photo Available Elemental Helios 030549 Celestial Lurra B Black 2012-07-25 Tanya & Zan Garcia & Dewar Tina Sykes
Photo Available Elemental Sacred Rayne 029176 Thomas' RY Red Mystra C Red 2012-08-19 Tanya & Zan Garcia & Dewar Tanya & Zan Garcia & Dewar 2
Photo Available NewHope Sweet May Belle 032391 Shome Mosey C Black 2013-05-21 Kim Newswanger NewHope Cattle Co. Kim Newswanger NewHope Cattle Co. 1
Photo Available LTF Bounty 033831 SGF SSAB Abbey B Red 2013-11-12 Gary and Kathy Rodgers Family E. Ruth Andrews 4
Titan 034412 Nanny's emmy Lou B Black 2013-12-05 Shawn White Shawn White
SBF Rosemary 035358 Little Mountain Ginger C Red 2014-02-04 David & Sherri Spears Randy Thompson
SBF Keiki 035357 Ciera of Peasticks C Black 2014-02-08 David & Sherri Spears David & Sherri Spears
SBF Cinnamon 035356 Nutmeg of Rhema C Red 2014-02-15 David & Sherri Spears Sabine & Calvin Hubbard
SBF Buttercup 034070 Turkey Creek Amalea C Black 2014-02-18 David & Sherri Spears Paul R Sexton
SBF Grace 035165 Turkey Creek Oginka C Black 2014-03-25 David & Sherri Spears Tim Sanders
Frisky Friends Thor 038789 Frisky Friends Bella B Black 2014-04-06 Chad & Jamie Hazelton Santiago & Renae Lizarraga 12
Frisky Friends Fergus 037583 Todakar Acres Betsey B Black 2014-05-25 Chad & Jamie Hazelton Chad & Jamie Hazelton 1
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