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20 Animals By Magic Hills Farm Bridger
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
K Heart Tradition 027149 MLW Sheena B Red 2011-04-24 Butch & Karen Howell Shane & Joy Mahler
K Heart Annie 026871 Magic Hills Farm Nutmeg C Red 2011-04-29 Butch & Karen Howell Don & Becky Swisher 3
K Heart RW Burt 029253 K Heart Ruby Red B Red 2011-05-07 Butch & Karen Howell Richard Holt 19
Photo Available WHF My Genesis Dawn 025666 SNJ My Pot of Gold C Black 2011-07-07 Abigail Metallo Tanner Ross 4
Photo Available Windy Hills Elsie 025347 Windy Hills Aingeal C Red 2011-07-16 Charles/Virginia Daily Ron & Shirley Adams 4
Windy Hills Orphy 026629 Wendy's BLZ Red Afinaty C Red 2011-07-16 Charles/Virginia Daily Daniel Stein 1
WHF Freedom's Raven 025667 SNJ Lady Autumn B Black 2011-07-27 Abigail Metallo Richard Greenfield 6
Windy Hills Red Max 026628 Thomas' RY Red Jetta B Red 2011-07-28 Charles/Virginia Daily Ron & Debi Wilson 11
Windy Hills Red Dolly 026630 Prairie Sunshine C Red 2011-10-14 Charles/Virginia Daily Ted & Vicki Anderson 2
Windy Hills Abby 027157 SGF LCIN Sis C Red 2011-12-04 Charles/Virginia Daily John Avery 3
Windy Hills FF Tiny 028330 ESF Tora Renee B Red 2012-05-06 Charles/Virginia Daily Warren & Sally Coad
Windy Hills Lil Abner 034626 Windy Hills Little Red Kelly B Red 2012-06-19 Charles/Virginia Daily Ted & Vicki Anderson 1
Windy Hills Red Bethany 030493 Thomas' RY Red Jetta C Red 2012-07-01 Charles/Virginia Daily Ted & Vicki Anderson 2
Windy Hills Red Katrina 032777 Windy Hills Red Ginger C Red 2012-08-05 Charles/Virginia Daily Carla Harris 2
Photo Available ESF Chuckwagon 031413 Prairie Sunshine B Red 2012-09-09 Ted & Vicki Anderson Clyde & Kathrina Selby 3
Windy Hills Red Dakota 029790 SGF LCIN Sis C Red 2012-10-10 Charles/Virginia Daily David Jones 2
Rebel Ridges Liberty 033602 Windy Hills Red Ginger C Red 2013-07-04 Carla Harris Carla Harris 2
Windy Hills Ginny 032847 Mud Valley Red Holly C Red 2013-07-10 Ted & Vicki Anderson Ted & Vicki Anderson 2
Windy Hills Red Celeste 034455 Windy Hills Red Sassy C Red 2013-09-05 Charles/Virginia Daily Kaylyn Hall
Windy Hills Red Ranger 035067 Wendy's BLZ Red Afinaty B Red 2013-09-24 Charles/Virginia Daily Harold & Paula Warren 7

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