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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available APF McIntosh 037053 Timberview Anna B Red 2014-06-10 Brent and Ronda Hanson Tony and Mindy Eichelberger 2
Sprague's Felicity 034905 Sprague's Fannie Mae C Red 2014-07-10 Terry & Mary Jane Sprague Denise Harris 1
DTD's Candy 036381 D & L Darcie Ashlin C Black 2014-09-25 Michael Curran Daniel Spencer
GBD Bree 035408 Hyatt's Mis Brandy C Red 2014-09-29 Richard & John Buse & Grandgenett Randall Bowman
MD Marigold 038759 MD Primrose C Black 2015-03-17 Corey Moffet Ella Moffet
Sprague Hannah 037117 Sprague's Hope C Red 2015-03-18 Terry & Mary Jane Sprague Terry & Mary Jane Sprague
Sprague's Frankie 038102 Timberview Faith B Red 2015-03-24 Terry & Mary Jane Sprague Jeff Graber
Sprague's Gretta 037116 Timberview Faith C Red 2015-03-26 Terry & Mary Jane Sprague Terry & Mary Jane Sprague 1
RdoubleD Chilleana 038982 RdoubleD Nipples C Red 2015-03-29 Monica Dexter Leanne Hall
RdoubleD Shameless 043850 RdoubleD Razmataz B Red 2015-03-31 Monica Dexter Monica Dexter
Sprague's Marlin 037102 Timberview Faith B Red 2015-04-01 Terry & Mary Jane Sprague Terry & Mary Jane Sprague
Sprague's Charlotte 037101 Sprague's Christy C Red 2015-04-04 Terry & Mary Jane Sprague Terry & Mary Jane Sprague 1
Silvercreek Cherry 036971 Timberview Merlot C Red 2015-04-11 Bret and Tammy Heileson Bret and Tammy Heileson
Sprague's Carl 038100 Timberview Chana S Red 2015-04-25 Terry & Mary Jane Sprague Terry & Mary Jane Sprague
PDF Cailin 039816 Amitas Suzzy C Black 2015-05-26 Jim Simons Jim Simons
APF Honeycrisp 039299 CCR SNIC Ruby C Red 2015-06-23 Brent and Ronda Hanson Brent and Ronda Hanson 1
AriMae Azalea 037474 Daggett's Emily C Red 2015-07-07 Arianna Carriveau Peter Fleming
AriMae Ivy 037475 Oxen Road Daisy C Red 2015-07-08 Arianna Carriveau Peter Fleming 1
Timberview O My Magdalene 037744 Timberview Maggie C Red 2015-07-19 Macheal & Rick Seydel Maranda & Loren Nicklaus
O'Brien's Beau 038946 Midhill BB B Red 2015-08-02 Chris O'Brien Sean Finnerty
Sprague's Martha 038099 Timberview Faith C Red 2015-08-29 Terry & Mary Jane Sprague Terry & Mary Jane Sprague
Photo Available Euchee Creek's Red Saul 037746 Sant'Angelo Red Sara B Red 2015-10-03 Don & Sheila Farris Evening Star Dexter Cattle 1
CCR DFRE Chloe 039860 SGF SAKE Jacqui C Red 2016-02-06 Jeff & Kelley Collins Mitch Koehl 1
CCR DFRE Apple 039859 CCR CBUD Jane C Red 2016-02-23 Jeff & Kelley Collins Jeff & Kelley Collins 1
Timberview Maverick 039556 Timberview Matti B Red 2016-03-13 Macheal & Rick Seydel Macheal & Rick Seydel
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