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7 Animals Out Of Glenn Land Ms Sara
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Glenn Land Red Surprise 022678 Glenn Land Mr Simon C Red 2008-03-15 Wes Patton Morgan and Dessa Dale 4
K-Heart Rapid Refund 033959 Hillview Red Wing B Black 2009-04-15 Butch & Karen Howell Rick Stimpson 11
K Heart Josie 024128 Hillview Red Wing C Black 2010-04-18 Butch & Karen Howell John Cooper
K Heart RW Blackbird 027093 Hillview Red Wing B Red 2011-04-28 Butch & Karen Howell Regan & Conleth Golob 11
K Heart RW Lollipop 028928 Hillview Red Wing C Red 2012-03-29 Butch & Karen Howell Richard & John Buse & Grandgenett 2
K Heart RW Lacey 032751 Hillview Red Wing C Black 2013-03-28 Butch & Karen Howell Sharon Hittner
K Heart Ace 036653 K Heart RW Burt B Dun 2014-06-28 Butch & Karen Howell Anthony Barlow

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