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58 Animals By Trinity FF Sampson
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner Sorted by Number of ProgenyProgeny
Photo Available Moses Meadow's Clint 025773 High Pines Calli B Dun 2011-06-15 William Reynolds Arthur Rhodes 44
Photo Available Moses Meadow's Toby 025206 WD Dee Dee B Dun 2011-03-21 William Reynolds Susan Garver 20
Mentjes' Prophet A 035329 Wieringa's Belle NQ B Dun 2014-03-08 Anna Mentjes Steven & Cherrie Wood 18
Photo Available Moses Meadows Chance 029047 HD RB Charlene B Red 2012-05-12 William Reynolds John Wright 14
Photo Available Moses Meadow's Rory 023871 WD Elle Mae B Dun 2010-03-28 William Reynolds Phillip & Barbara Routen 12
Photo Available Moses Meadow's Max 022215 WD Dee Dee B Dun 2009-02-11 William Reynolds Duff & Laura Sandness 11
Photo Available Moses Meadow's Rose 022216 WD Elle Mae C Red 2009-02-03 William Reynolds Lee & Roberta Wieringa 5
BCD Violet 030955 RRV Pansy C Black 2013-02-17 Grant Butler Rick J & Ronnie Harvey 4
Photo Available Moses Meadow's Penny 025205 High Pines Jill C Red 2011-03-29 William Reynolds Ron & Ellen DeLoach 4
Photo Available Moses Meadows Banita 028278 High Pines Calli C Dun 2012-05-08 William Reynolds Chrissy & Kevin Schuengel 4
Brandenburgs Barney 036434 DD Black Beauty B Dun 2014-10-16 Pat and Louise Brandenburg John Fluitt 3
Moses Meadow's Jazzy 034801 HD RB Charlene C Dun 2014-03-04 William Reynolds Kaylee Harvey 3
Photo Available Moses Meadow's Lilly 032362 High Pines Calli C Red 2013-04-08 William Reynolds Pat and Louise Brandenburg 3
Photo Available Moses Meadow's Mandy 027868 WD Dee Dee C Dun 2012-01-27 William Reynolds Jeff & Patsy Fleming 3
Photo Available Moses Meadow's Reuben 027867 WD Elle Mae B Red 2012-01-23 William Reynolds Joseph & Rebecca Gygax 3
Moses Meadow's Rocky 036243 WD Elle Mae B Red 2014-09-03 William Reynolds Thomas Trigg 3
Brandenburgs Kelly 036437 Mud Valley Red Divah C Red 2014-11-25 Pat and Louise Brandenburg Pat and Louise Brandenburg 2
Mentjes' Adelaide 035332 Mentjes' Aurora C Dun 2014-04-08 Anna Mentjes Kelly Emmons 2
Moses Meadow's Abby 034800 High Pines Calli C Dun 2014-03-12 William Reynolds Jeff & Kristine Millikin 2
Moses Meadow's Barney 037587 High Pines Calli B Dun 2015-03-08 William Reynolds Shelby Strong 2
BCD Tulip 040070 RRV Pansy C Dun 2016-03-19 Grant Butler Kaylee Harvey 1
Brandenburgs Paddy Boy 036435 Moosters DancinQueen B Red 2014-10-14 Pat and Louise Brandenburg Walter Smith 1
Mentjes' Bambi 035330 Glockenhof's Irisbell C Dun 2014-03-04 Anna Mentjes Andrew Perryman 1
Mentjes' Coral 037723 Ghost Springs Sophie C Dun 2015-06-14 Anna Mentjes Anna Mentjes 1
Mentjes' Emma 035331 Wieringa's Friday EB C Dun 2014-03-14 Anna Mentjes Anna Mentjes 1
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