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107 Animals By SGF SBAN Saber
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
McFarren's Cate P207054 McFarren's Oonagh S 0000-00-00 2
Photo Available SGF SSAB Robin 021734 SGF LCIN Ruby C Red 2009-03-10 John Potter Mike Oldham 2
Photo Available SGF SSAB Elsa 021735 SGF LCIN Easter C Red 2009-03-15 John Potter Mike Oldham
Photo Available SGF SSAB Noel 021741 SGF SANT Nikki C Red 2009-03-29 John Potter Shawn White 2
Photo Available SGF SSAB Akela 021742 SGF TMER Kari B Red 2009-04-05 John Potter Scott & Esther King 34
Photo Available SGF SSAB Thor 021902 Tama Taffy B Black 2009-05-14 John Potter Vaughan Lippert
Photo Available SGF SSAB Abbey 021922 SGF SBAN Jeannette C Red 2009-06-10 John Potter Gary and Kathy Rodgers Family 7
Photo Available SGF SSAB Pearl 022660 SGF SANT Cheyenne C Black 2009-12-07 John Potter Scott & Esther King
Photo Available Daggett's Sunshine 023319 Daggett's Susan C Red 2010-03-01 Chuck & Jan Daggett Donna Jenkins 3
Photo Available Daggett's Heather 023317 Daggett's Hallie C Red 2010-03-02 Chuck & Jan Daggett Karel & Alice Starek 6
Photo Available Daggett's Roxy 023318 Daggett's Reba C Black 2010-03-09 Chuck & Jan Daggett Ronald Ditsch 1
Daggett's Dusty 023316 Shome Rose #45 S Dun 2010-03-16 Chuck & Jan Daggett Wade & Marcia Walstrom
Daggett's Jeffrey 023674 MLW Cameo S Red 2010-04-20 Chuck & Jan Daggett Katie Dolan
Photo Available CCR Lady 023829 Grandma's Lois Lane C Red 2010-04-27 Jeff & Kelley Collins Mitch Koehl 5
WEF Horatio 044129 Timberview Angel C Red 2010-05-14 Arnie Abens Arnie Abens 1
Photo Available MTFF SSAB Shenandoah 023505 SGF Sheena C Black 2010-05-21 Kim Morisett Frank Thacker
PMFF Casey 023667 Mud Valley Myra C Black 2010-05-26 Jackie/Kevin Price Jackie/Kevin Price
Londo's June 024094 Daggett's Cory C Red 2010-06-06 Tom/Karen Londo Arlen & Karen Angell 2
Londo's Belle 024093 Thomas' BLZ Red Liang C Red 2010-06-27 Tom/Karen Londo Arlen & Karen Angell 4
CFF Moola-Reily 025186 LPF Mom Moo C Dun 2010-08-13 Jim & Debi Fornero Jim & Debi Fornero
CJS Winter Storm 024857 CJS Whisper B Dun 2011-02-02 Judy Nocks Tina Tracy 2
CJS Logan 028198 CJS Willy B Black 2011-02-26 Judy Nocks Carol & Steve Wageley
CJS Yam 025837 Lazy EA Rella C Black 2011-03-03 Judy Nocks John Whiting
CJS Yolanda 025835 CJS Unice C Black 2011-03-03 Judy Nocks Hugh and Allison Sharp
Photo Available CJS Yvette 025813 MAXS' WILLOW C Red 2011-03-04 Judy Nocks Amy Seekins 2
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