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10 Animals By Gladhour Raymore P
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Gladhour WendyRay P300192 Rainbow Hills Henna C 0000-00-00 S.A. Walkup S.A. Walkup 2
Gladhour Wee Must Rayt 041382 Gladhour Musteete B Black 2009-10-16 S.A. Walkup Don Jeffrey 1
Photo Available Gladhour Whisslemor 034058 Gladhour Sissley C Red 2009-11-14 S.A. Walkup Peter & Sheryl Whipple 2
Gladhour Z-MizJef O'Ray 036432 SF Ms. Friendley B Black 2012-06-11 S.A. Walkup Lester Mason 3
Gladhour Zedith O'Ray 032035 Gladhour Meredith C Black 2012-06-19 S.A. Walkup S.A. Walkup
Gladhour Zaj-Zha O'Ray 031329 Gladhour Maggie J C Black 2012-06-26 S.A. Walkup Dylan Smith
Gladhour Zinnia O'Ray 032034 Gladhour Rajina C Black 2012-06-28 S.A. Walkup S.A. Walkup
Photo Available Gladhour ZoBoy O'Ray 033251 Gladhour Tallyho B Red 2012-07-19 S.A. Walkup S.A. Walkup
Gladhour Zaliz O'Ray 031330 Gladhour Sally C Black 2012-07-21 S.A. Walkup Christopher Noa 1
Gladhour Zayflora O'Ray 032033 Gladhour Mayflower C Black 2012-09-01 S.A. Walkup S.A. Walkup

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