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33 Animals By Brenn Of Paradise
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
October Hope of Paradise 020777 OTF's Mae C Black 2006-10-14 Gene Bowen William & Amanda Gordon 3
Photo Available Austin of Paradise 018766 Windridge Bantrybeth B Black 2007-02-04 Gene Bowen Cheryl Ketcham 26
Photo Available Bambi of Paradise 020082 Windridge Bantrybeth C Black 2008-01-13 Gene Bowen Gene Bowen 8
Photo Available Mickey of Paradise 020631 Jams Irish mist B Black 2008-03-11 Gene Bowen Thomas Hylton
Photo Available Braden of Paradise 021248 Windridge Bantrybeth B Black 2008-12-20 Gene Bowen Shaun Ann Lord 16
Photo Available Edan of Paradise 022894 Bambi of Paradise B Black 2009-06-02 Gene Bowen Mike Griffith
Nollaig of Paradise 023497 Windridge Bantrybeth B Black 2009-12-19 Gene Bowen Helen Dixon
Armstrong of Paradise 024886 Windridge Bantrybeth B Black 2010-11-12 Gene Bowen Alicia Anne Schueler 19
Breagan of Paradise 024887 Jams Tralee Seara B Black 2010-12-12 Gene Bowen Allen Spidel
Photo Available Rose of Paradise 031171 Turnabouts Buttercup C Black 2011-05-03 Gene Bowen Wade Fisher 1
Photo Available Bennan of Paradise 025995 Bambi of Paradise C Black 2011-06-25 Gene Bowen Danny Collins 4
CHW Caitlyn 026280 Rainbow Hills Sweetie C Black 2011-08-10 Chad & Ginny Williams Karrie Winebrenner 3
Acorn Hill Grace 027482 StarGate Sunday Rose C Black 2011-09-18 Richard/Mary Ann Drass Richard/Mary Ann Drass
MacBeth of Paradise 027306 Windridge Bantrybeth B Black 2011-10-03 Gene Bowen Tyler Shaw 1
Acorn Hill Maxine 027481 StarGate Wednesday C Black 2011-10-22 Richard/Mary Ann Drass Richard/Mary Ann Drass
Gailge Feth of Paradise 027307 Jams Irish mist C Black 2011-12-01 Gene Bowen Jenn Therrien 1
Breanna of Paradise 027308 Jams Tralee Seara C Black 2011-12-17 Gene Bowen Dave & Julie Reimer
Shepherd's Corner Maggie Moo 033317 Emerald Pond O'Leary C Black 2012-03-10 Leslie Chapdelaine Hans & Sheril Peterson 2
Photo Available Inion of Paradise 031175 Legacy Eve of Paradise C Black 2012-03-22 Gene Bowen Chad & Ginny Williams
Bambina of Paradise 031173 Bambi of Paradise C Black 2012-05-03 Gene Bowen Gene Bowen 6
Beauty of Paradise 032315 RP Short's Millie Dew C Black 2012-05-23 Gene Bowen Tracey L.D. Leftwich 1
Dara Inion of Paradise 032316 Legacy Eve of Paradise C Black 2013-03-26 Gene Bowen Clem/Carole Nirosky 2
Bantrybeth of Paradise 032317 Bambi of Paradise C Black 2013-04-29 Gene Bowen Zippora Stahl 2
Coe of Paradise 032259 Turnabouts Buttercup C Black 2013-07-27 Gene Bowen Dale & Michele Woolford 1
Kayla of Paradise 032433 Rose of Paradise C Black 2013-08-10 Gene Bowen Wade Fisher
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