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8 Animals Matched Your Search Criteria
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Sorted by NameName ADCA# Sire Dam Gender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner
Photo Available Block Creek Chick 019899 BTF LittleBit O Fire Dixie Maxie C Black 2007-01-12 Mickey Bush Alan Lauhoff
Block Creek Princess 016402 BTF LittleBit O Fire Dixie Nadine C Black 2005-04-12 Mickey Bush Alan Lauhoff
Photo Available Dixie Maxie 13119 Sir Snowbird #26 Rainbow Hills Little Bit C Dun 2002-03-10 Helen Dixon Alan Lauhoff
Photo Available Hammer's Show Me 14782 D & D Finley Fancy Jeri of Green Valley C Dun 2003-01-14 Ernest Hammer Alan Lauhoff
J & R Dream Pixie Dust 020637 Boulder Fork Patrick Hammer's Show Me C Dun 2008-06-09 Jacky Lewis Alan Lauhoff
J&R Dream Lucy 019700 LOF LPFK Clancy Wendy's RY Red Lame' C Red 2007-07-11 Jacky Lewis Alan Lauhoff
LF Darcy 024125 TCR Driskoll J&R Dream Lucy C Black 2009-12-01 Alan Lauhoff Alan Lauhoff
LF Houdini 024192 TCR Driskoll Block Creek Chick B Dun 2009-01-29 Alan Lauhoff Alan Lauhoff

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