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17 Animals Matched Your Search Criteria
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Sorted by NameName ADCA# Sire Dam Gender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner
Photo Available A.A. Mandy 8794 Shome Robert A.A. Ningke C Dun 1997-06-19 Paul Anderson Ethan/Rebecca Book
BBR Tinkerbelle Tiny 020034 Lone Pine Farms Klondike Black Velvet GiGi C Black 2007-06-16 Vicki Radtke Ethan/Rebecca Book
Photo Available Billie of K&K 019365 Shome Rich Ginger Vineyards C Dun 2006-09-21 G. Roger Kessler Ethan/Rebecca Book
Photo Available Black Velvet GiGi 14960 A-D Acres Bradley Black Velvet Daisy C Black 2003-04-27 John S. Merrifield Ethan/Rebecca Book
Photo Available Ginger Vineyards 14995 Little Kefa Heartnut Grove Pinot C Dun 2003-09-20 David King Ethan/Rebecca Book
GK Ruth 020928 Pygmy Acres Awesome 4 LSR Martha C Dun 2008-05-28 Galen Gathman Ethan/Rebecca Book
Photo Available Grandma's Jasmine 020621 FF Freedom's Hot N Humid Amber of LBI C Red 2008-05-07 Dan Butterfield Ethan/Rebecca Book
Photo Available Joanna of Rhema 10722 Shome Maximus Story Book Sassy C Dun 1999-06-07 Mike Vaughn Ethan/Rebecca Book
Photo Available Lazy J5 Bailey 13409 Shamistin Galileo Crystal Star's Eileen C Black 2002-04-16 Debbie/Mike Davis Ethan/Rebecca Book
Photo Available Lazy J5 Kenosha 13410 Shamistin Galileo Uneweep Lalette C Black 2002-03-14 Debbie/Mike Davis Ethan/Rebecca Book
Photo Available LSR Martha 019568 LSR TA ME Laidir Lazy J5 Kenosha C Black 2007-05-26 Meredith Suhr Ethan/Rebecca Book
LSR Wee Breagha 019569 (PRI) Clancy's Great Escape Lazy J5 Bailey C Black 2006-02-21 Meredith Suhr Ethan/Rebecca Book
RAD's Naomi 020035 Gavin's Abraham RAD's Victoria C Black 2008-02-03 Roger Macy Ethan/Rebecca Book
Photo Available RAD's Victoria 019052 Gavin's Abraham Kno-Vue's Ester C Black 2005-06-07 Roger Macy Ethan/Rebecca Book
Photo Available SGF SANT Hershey 018724 SGF LPFK Antares SGF Dixie B Dun 2006-04-18 John Potter Ethan/Rebecca Book
Tabitha of K&K 020929 Shome Jon A.A. Mandy C Dun 2008-03-11 G. Roger Kessler Ethan/Rebecca Book
Tama Sundance 15471 Tama Star Dancer Tama Tierney B Red 2003-12-15 John Potter Ethan/Rebecca Book

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