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16 Animals Matched Your Search Criteria
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Sorted by NameName ADCA# Sire Dam Gender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner
Hillview Daisy May Lucifer 7342 Lucifer of Knotting Belle Fourche Sparklett C Black 1995-05-17 Evelyn Anderson Evelyn Anderson
Hillview Lucifer Lily 14131 Lucifer of Knotting Hillview Ida C Black 2003-07-29 Evelyn Anderson Evelyn Anderson
Hillview Sir Lucifer 5107 Lucifer of Knotting Ida-J-Mar Leta B Black 1991-08-08 Evelyn Anderson Evelyn Anderson
KRV Lucifer's Outlaw 021280 Llanfair's Sean Kay Ann B Black 2008-03-27 Lyle Bangart Lyle Bangart
Lane End Lucifer's Wink 3298 Lucifer of Knotting Cranworth Rachel B Black 1987-01-14 Kathy Lovejoy Jack Goose
Photo Available Lane End Lucifer's Wisp 3436 Lucifer of Knotting Cranworth Linnet C Black 1987-05-26 Kathy Lovejoy Chris & Nicole Ricard
Photo Available Lane End Lucifer's Wizard 3556 Lucifer of Knotting Jarush 4th of Knotting B Red 1987-10-31 Kathy Lovejoy Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas
Lane End Lucifer's Willie 3557 Lucifer of Knotting Little Ladydale 3rd of Knotting B Black 1987-08-25 Kathy Lovejoy Kelly Preston
Lane End Lucifer's Wisdom 3905 Lucifer of Knotting Cranworth Rachel C Black 1987-12-27 Kathy Lovejoy Jack Goose
Lane End Lucifer's Windy C117 Lucifer of Knotting Lockwood Liv C Black 1987-06-13 Kathy Lovejoy Betty Harmsworth
Lane End Lucifer's Windy CAN117 0000-00-00
Photo Available Lucifer of Knotting 3182 Jupiter of Knotting Knotting Ladyrudale 2nd B Red 1985-03-17 H.J. Paynter H.J. Paynter
Lucifer of Knotting CAN95 S 0000-00-00
Lucifer of Knotting D95CAN S 0000-00-00
Lucifer of North Oaks 36B Gort Herod 2d I585 Gort Lola B Red or Dun 0000-00-00 Ashley Tucker Ashley Tucker
Lucifer's Melissa D581CAN 0000-00-00

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