Llanfair's Poly

Llanfair's Poly

ADCA Reg. No:  6998
Volume:  XVII
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  Yes
Color: Black
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  1994-10-11
Owner:  Eric Chesterley (#2159)
Llanfair Farm
4109 Red Cedar Lane
Blaine, WA
llanfairfarm@aol.com; 2011
Progeny (5)


Llanfair's Poly
Saltaire Platinum (2708) BlackPN
Migh Poldark BlackP Westfield Merlin BlackH Severnside Benjamin BlackH Woodmagic Porcupine BlackH
Woodtown Phyllis BlackH
Adforton Magimix BlackH Onnybrook Maybug BlackH
Woodmagic Modena BlackH
Godstone Esmeralda BlackP Woodmagic Pine Martin BlackH Woodmagic Mink 2nd BlackH
Woodmagic Martin 3rd BlackH
Broadridge Dawn BlackH Woodmagic Hedgehog BlackH
Doesmead Haze BlackH
Saltaire Pedrilla BlackH St Arvans Gypsy Pedro BlackH Templeton Firebird RedH Runnymede Bantam BlackH
Badby Firemantle BlackH
St Arvans Gypsy 3rd BlackH Sylvan Ebony BlackH
Rock Gypsy BlackH
Saltaire Princess Diana BlackH Saltaire Magpie BlackH Wantsley Dapper BlackH
Homer Rixey Piella BlackH
Saltaire Dapoly BlackH Wantsley Dapper BlackH
Saltaire Olympia BlackH
Llanfair's Oct. Morn BlackH
Llanfair's Bawlf Red or DunH Sunset Julius Red or DunH Peerless Sinister Sam Red or DunH Peerless Casey Red or DunH
Peerless Katie Red or DunH
Strawberry Red or DunH Gypsy Prince BlackH
Gypsy Dancer BlackH
Strawberry Red or DunH Gypsy Prince BlackH Persistant of Bethel BlackH
Alpine Tina BlackH
Gypsy Dancer BlackH Persistant of Bethel BlackH
Cathy of Bethel BlackH
Llanfair's Nicole BlackH Llanfair's Yetts BlackH Aldebaran Priapus BlackH Trillium Cluny (2141) BlackH
Woodmagic Wheatear BlackH
April Lark of Columbine BlackH Peerless Colorado BlackH
Blackhawk Belle BlackH
Torbie Sue BlackH Ivan Von Der Vogelweide BlackH Erin Von Der Vogelweide BlackH
Xantippe of Clove Brook BlackH
Dark Flower BlackH Gypsy Prince BlackH
Gypsy Rose Red or DunH

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