ADCA Reg. No:  021630
Volume:  XXXl
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  No
Color: Black
Chondrodysplasia:  Non-carrier
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  2006-03-01
Breeder:  Lou Penning (#D21)
; 0
Owner:  Noelyn Olson (#7395)
P. O. Box 85
Buffalo Gap, SD
USA  57722
(605) 833-2187; 2010
Progeny (1)


(PRI) HP Dandy Takashi BlackH
Dandy of Dunham RDD BlackH Kiowa P-Bar Toby BlackH Cranworth Toby BlackH Aldebaran Priapus BlackH
Woodmagic Missel Cock 2nd BlackH
William's P-Bar Katrinka BlackH Singleton William BlackH
Toby's P-Bar Candy BlackH
Whispering Pines Gaoth BlackH Prez's Lazy Jughead BlackH Peerless President BlackH
Miss Tam Jackson Lazy G BlackH
Jad Texas Molly BlackH Tam Peerless Fortune 2 BlackH
Lady Lucille BlackH
Sun Ovagun's P-Bar Polly BlackH Sun Ovagun P-Bar Zodiac BlackH Brome Reach Zodiac Red or DunH Singleton Wendell BlackH
Kathy Red or DunH
Toby's P-Bar Sunbeam BlackH Cranworth Toby BlackH
Desert Sunset BlackH
Toby's P-Bar Pom Pom BlackH Cranworth Toby BlackH Aldebaran Priapus BlackH
Woodmagic Missel Cock 2nd BlackH
Frosty P-Bar Punkin BlackH Frosty Fine BlackH
Gypsy Rose Red or DunH
Annabelle H
Connor Kamija BlackH Colclough's Poncho BlackH Glencara Paddy BlackHN Lane End Lucifer's Wink BlackH
Cranworth Vanessa BlackH
Thomas' Rev Gardenia BlackH Thomas' Sir Reunite BlackH
Rocky Brae Heather BlackH
Cinder Kamija BlackH St. Jack BlackH B & B Cojak's Malachi H
Talisman Charm BlackH
Lazy G Calliope BlackH Peerless Tornado BlackH
Peerless Penny BlackH
Onyx BlackH Skye McPride BlackH Anton of Mt. Carmel Red or DunH Oakleaf Benji BlackH
Polly O'Callen BlackH
Sheba Von Der Vogelweide BlackH Othello Von Der Vogelweide BlackH
Lolita Von Der Vogelweide BlackH
Kate BlackH Ennis of Jackrabbit Lane BlackH Earle of Green Valley BlackH
Sheba Von Der Vogelweide BlackH
Patty of Oxbow BlackH Seamus of Feather Hill BlackH
Sheba Von Der Vogelweide BlackH

H = Horned, P = Polled
N = Chondrodysplasia Non-carrier, C = Chondrodysplasia Carrier
A = PHA Non-carrier, B = PHA Carrier
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