Khaki Farmer Dixie

Khaki Farmer Dixie

ADCA Reg. No:  019602
Volume:  XXVI
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  No
Color: Black
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  2006-06-14
Breeder:  Ben/Julie Peart (#4010)
The Khaki Farmer
25626 NE 80th St
Redmond, WA
(425) 868-3368; 2008
Owner:  Dwain & Dorian Myrick (#10565)
5266 Wagner Rd
Springdale, WA
(707) 350-0435; 2018
Progeny (3)


Khaki Farmer Dixie
Thomas' BLZ Red Mr.E RedH
Briarwood Blaze O'Glory RedHN Cornahir Outlaw RedH Cornahir Arroyo BlackH Cornahir Angus Red or DunH
Cornahir Bettony Red or DunH
Cornahir Godetia Red or DunH Cornahir Angus Red or DunH
Cornahir Bergamot Red or DunH
Briarwood Russet Glory RedH Glencara Raven BlackH Lucifer of Knotting RedH
Little Ladydale 3rd of Knotting BlackH
Lane End Lucifer's Windy BlackH Lucifer of Knotting RedH
Lockwood Liv BlackH
Thomas' Wilo's Blk Mystic BlackH Thomas' Legs Red Willow RedH Thomas' Grand Red Legacy RedH Thomas' Reu' Grande' BlackHN
Thomas' Magic First Lady BlackH
Thomas' Wizs Sorceress BlackHN Lane End Lucifer's Wizard RedH
B & B's Magic Shadows BlackH
Thomas' Mrlns Bewitched BlackHN Thomas' Wizards Merlyn BlackH Lane End Lucifer's Wizard RedH
Thomas' Jack Princess BlackHN
Thomas' Wizard Red Wicca RedH Lane End Lucifer's Wizard RedH
Thomas' Magic Red Rarity RedH
Cheerful Sub BlackH
Barney of Grandview BlackH Blarney of Spring Hill BlackH Clancy Callahan of Pisgah BlackH Haile Sellassie of Pisgah BlackH
Karen Von Der Vogelweide BlackH
Imelda of Pisgah BlackH Talisman Ptolemy BlackH
Dolly of Pisgah H
Birdie BlackH Thomas' Elko Clancy BlackH Thomas' Magic Elko BlackH
Thomas' Malachi Diamond BlackH
Thomas' Elko Katie Girl BlackH Thomas' Magic Elko BlackH
Coe's Super Molly BlackH
Tabitha of Double R BlackH Thomas' Magic Pride BlackHN Mar Nell's Black Magic BlackHC Parndon Bullfinch BlackH
Mar Nell's Black Lady BlackH
Brady's Run Raydell BlackH Colorado Jack BlackH
Ariel Mary BlackH
Dinah BlackH Molly's Benjie BlackH Mar Nell's Black Knight BlackH
Coe's Super Molly BlackH
Cloverleaf's Emily Ann BlackH Aldebaran Priapus BlackH
Talisman Misty Gretta BlackH

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