Bohls Black Ruby

Bohls Black Ruby

ADCA Reg. No:  019582
Volume:  XXVI
Gender:  Cow
Polled:  No
Color: Black
Chondrodysplasia:  Carrier
Parentage DNA: 
Date of Birth:  2007-05-16
Breeder:  Steven/Shellie Bohl (#2751)
335 W. Limestone Rd
Phillipburg, KS
(785) 543-6418
Owner:  Stacey/Debra Edwards (#3502)
5825 SW 107th Street
Wakarusa, KS
(785) 836-2513
Progeny (2)


Bohls Black Ruby
Cushings Rainbow Rambo BlackH
Sampson of Rhema BlackH Shome Maximus Red or DunH Bar H Ferdinand Red or DunH Diplomat o'Briar Hill Red or DunH
Singleton Tulip Red or DunH
Shome Mari Red or DunH Cranworth Xanadu Red or DunH
Rev's Red Mary Red or DunH
Rainbow Hills Tar BlackH Rhea of Sunshine DunH Shoo Fly Boss Ed BlackH
Shoo Fly Dollie Red or DunH
Willow Creek Fern BlackH Twainland Abraham BlackH
Emerald Buttercup BlackH
"RR" Jade BlackH Seven C's Black Bart BlackH Manitou P-Bar Toby BlackH Cranworth Toby BlackH
Texoma Maiden BlackH
Willow Creek Fern BlackH Twainland Abraham BlackH
Emerald Buttercup BlackH
Parkridge Jan BlackH Chinook of Green Valley BlackH Rocky Sunlines BlackH
Dark Flower BlackH
Shanna's Shadow BlackH Mizzou Victor BlackH
Shanna Mizzou BlackH
Bohls Sapphire BlackH
SJ Albert BlackH Tiny of Clear Creek BlackH Butch of Clear Creek BlackH Goff's Ashley BlackH
Wasatch Tinker Bell BlackH
Goff's Lois BlackH Goff's Lord Brandon BlackH
Goff's Lassie BlackH
Ashley's Zelda II BlackH Boru o'Briar Hill BlackH Brendan o'Briar Hill BlackH
Bridget o'Briar Hill BlackH
Briscoe's Zelda II BlackH Willow Creek Ferdinand BlackH
Willow Creek Gertie BlackH
Hammer's Brenda BlackH Bitterroot Charlie BlackH Hillside Birchwood BlackH Hiyu Robert P Bevan BlackH
Cranworth Nosey BlackH
Kathy Sunlines BlackH Captain Sunlines BlackH
Carlie Sunlines BlackH
Pinewood Dolly BlackH Flanagan of Green Valley BlackH Diplomat o'Briar Hill Red or DunH
Connie of Green Valley BlackH
Goff's Lassie BlackH Goff's Ashley BlackH
Wasatch Jenny Bell BlackH

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