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8 Animals By Grinstead Plover
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Raby Bosun EM1757 Tiny B Red or Dun 01/01/1800 2
Snoddington Brigadier EM1884 Belbroughton Lavinia B Black 01/01/1800 1
Woodmagic Marabolt EF8001 Woodmagic Rusket C Red or Dun 01/01/1800 1
Woodmagic Mole EM1920 Balksbury Majoram B Black 10/19/1962 B.W. Rutherford B.W. Rutherford 7
Woodmagic Muscovy 2nd EF7930 Woodmagic Mallard C Black 04/18/1963 B.W. Rutherford B.W. Rutherford 1
Woodmagic Mulga Parrot EF7932 Woodmagic Missel Thrush C Black 05/18/1963 B.W. Rutherford B.W. Rutherford 1
Woodmagic Zic-Zac EF8002 Exeter Zephyr 2nd C Black 11/23/1963 B.W. Rutherford B.W. Rutherford 2
Woodmagic Squirrel EM1945 Woodmagic Merlin B Black 01/11/1964 B.W. Rutherford B.W. Rutherford 9

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