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28 Animals By Rainbow Hills Comet
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Birth Date Sorted by BreederBreeder Owner Progeny
Season's Promise Hugo 016349 Season's Promise Matilda B Black 07/14/2003 Betsy Gaiser Betsy Gaiser
White-O-Morn Alison 13003 Morning Glorys Amanda C Dun 05/07/2002 Brenda Stringham Bill Sutton 1
SMS Goodman 10662 Heartnut Grove Gabby B Red or Dun 04/21/2000 Dennis Rumans Pamela Malcuit 14
Rainbow Hills Ami-Bell 15889 Burrdoc's Snow Red C Dun 08/18/2000 Jerry Starnes Ben Nelson 3
Rainbow Hills Brute 10267 Praise Him Adah B Black 03/10/1999 Jerry Starnes Donna Martin 1
Rainbow Hills Bullet 11060 Rainbow Hills Anton Icey B Dun 06/21/1999 Jerry Starnes Jerry Starnes
Rainbow HIlls Cathy 9558 Seven C's Arista C Red or Dun 10/10/1998 Jerry Starnes Jerry Starnes
Rainbow Hills Colonel 11061 Rainbow Hills Fireworks B Dun 05/28/1999 Jerry Starnes Jerry Starnes
Rainbow Hills Cracker 12461 "RR" Daisy C Black 07/04/2001 Jerry Starnes Ralph Brown 2
Rainbow Hills Donati 10882 Irene of Green Valley B Red or Dun 02/09/2000 Jerry Starnes Richard Heisler 1
Rainbow Hills Eggie 10742 Rainbow Hills Little Bit C Red or Dun 03/26/2000 Jerry Starnes Ferrell Mercer
Rainbow Hills Jerry 12271 Frosty Acres Sandy B Black 08/15/2000 Jerry Starnes James L Edwards 23
Rainbow Hills Legacy 11445 Rainbow Hills Fireworks C Dun 06/08/2000 Jerry Starnes Doren Winston Greg Kehoe
Rainbow Hills Lucky 11059 Rainbow Hills Anton Mist B Dun 03/13/1998 Jerry Starnes Cecil Cochran
Photo Available Rainbow Hills Mars 10269 Rainbow Hills Red Beauty B Dun 11/25/1999 Jerry Starnes Mike Vaughn 17
Rainbow Hills Maudy 11237 Maudy of Morgan Ridge C Black 05/20/2000 Jerry Starnes Margaret Geiger
Rainbow Hills Mike 11343 Frosty Acres Sarah B Dun 07/12/2000 Jerry Starnes Mickey Bush 13
Rainbow Hills Mzz Liz 12326 Rainbow Hills Spooky C Black 03/13/2000 Jerry Starnes James & Linda Smith 3
Rainbow Hills Noche 10659 Rainbow Hills Sugar Lump B Black 03/02/2000 Jerry Starnes Kevin & Anna Jeffrey 4
Rainbow Hills Polly 11576 "RR" Bart's Dolly C Black 04/27/2001 Jerry Starnes Mark Pearson 5
Rainbow Hills Roberta 10078 Morning Glorys Amanda C Black 03/01/1999 Jerry Starnes Mark Paul 4
Rainbow Hills Sugar Babe 10540 Rainbow Hills Sweetie Pie C Red or Dun 02/19/2000 Jerry Starnes Becky Howington 1
Rainbow Hills Sweetheart 9932 Rainbow Hills Tallenia C Red or Dun 05/23/1999 Jerry Starnes Randy Barnes 1
Rainbow Hills Swt Sue 11238 "RR" Sharon C Black 06/24/2000 Jerry Starnes Margaret Geiger 3
Photo Available Rainbow Hills Valentino 10081 Shoo Fly Dora B Red or Dun 05/12/1999 Jerry Starnes John & Marsha Langlois 13

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