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7 Animals Out Of Joy of Green Valley
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Megan of Green Valley 11715 Jack Frost of Green Valley C Dun 04/27/1999 R.S. Springer James & Pauline Wilber 7
Niles of Green Valley 11103 Linus of Green Valley B Black 03/26/2000 R.S. Springer Jon Klingenberg
Boulder Fork O'Easter 12466 Linus of Green Valley C Black 04/15/2001 Martin Fadner William Wright 5
Boulder Fork Penelope 13720 Rainbow Hills Goliath C Black 07/09/2002 Martin Fadner Tommy Holly Cantrell 2
Photo Available Boulder Fork Sally 15947 Rainbow Hills Goliath C Dun 05/14/2004 Martin Fadner Bernie & Tamara McCrossen 5
Boulder Fork Tina 016552 Rainbow Hills Goliath C Black 03/26/2005 Martin Fadner Alicia Anne Schueler 3
Boulder Fork Frederick 019661 Glenn Land Mr. McRed B Dun 04/26/2007 Martin Fadner Fritz and Diane Wohlwend 37

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