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46 Animals By RFF Fireweed
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Ammie of LBI 9607 Ashawna of Knapsax C Black 01/04/1998 Kathy Ireland Keith & Eileen Giger 10
Rosebud of LBI 9608 Rose of Wildwood C Black 01/11/1998 Kathy Ireland Judy Sponaugle 1
Holly Berry of LBI 9609 RFF Lilly C Black 01/16/1998 Kathy Ireland Melody Swantek 3
Brook of LBI 9610 Stonesthrow Milly Brooks C Black 01/21/1998 Kathy Ireland Fred Trout 6
Tilly of LBI 10843 Stonesthrow Milly Brooks C Black 01/14/1999 Kathy Ireland Robert Wilcom 2
Irish Shade of LBI 10340 Ashawna of Knapsax B Black 02/23/1999 Kathy Ireland Larry & Gwen Higgins&Casey-Higgin 14
Irelands Aine of LBI 10341 Princes Stormy of Knapsax C Black 03/09/1999 Kathy Ireland David Fowler 6
Lil' Bit of LBI 14496 Rosette of Knapsax C Black 03/13/1999 Kathy Ireland Daniel Dempsey 1
Lil' Red of LBI 11439 Tiffany of Knapsax C Red 03/26/1999 Kathy Ireland Gabriella Nanci 2
Chrissy of LBI 11619 Stonesthrow Milly Brooks C Black 12/23/1999 Kathy Ireland Jocelyn VanBokkelen 5
Photo Available Red Angel of LBI 11440 Princes Stormy of Knapsax C Red 03/19/2000 Kathy Ireland Ted Anderson 5
Diamond Miss of LBI 11618 Tiffany of Knapsax C Black 05/20/2000 Kathy Ireland Jim/Megan Gerritsen 4
Matilda of LBI 11895 Rosette of Knapsax C Black 09/11/2000 Kathy Ireland Claudio Lopez
Luly of LBI 11896 RFF Lilly C Black 09/14/2000 Kathy Ireland Claudio Lopez
O'Malley of LBI 11415 Ashawna of Knapsax B Black 11/17/2000 Kathy Ireland Robert Wilcom 3
Tom of LBI 13538 Stonesthrow Milly Brooks B Black 11/23/2000 Kathy Ireland Kathy Ireland 1
Maeven of LBI 11414 Brook of LBI C Dun 12/25/2000 Kathy Ireland Fred Trout 5
Daisy of LBI 11897 Holly Berry of LBI C Black 01/05/2001 Kathy Ireland Claudio Lopez
White-O-Morn Kaylee 12027 Rainbow Hills Kylie C Red 04/27/2001 Brenda Stringham Rosemary Fleharty 3
Photo Available Rainbow Hills Fireman 12028 Rainbow Hills Red Beauty B Red 06/21/2001 Jerry Starnes James H Bennett 18
Photo Available Mister Dream of LBI 13344 Princes Stormy of Knapsax B Black 09/11/2001 Kathy Ireland Victor M Interiano 10
Cherry Blossom of LBI 13050 Tiffany of Knapsax C Red 04/10/2002 Kathy Ireland Diana Moxcey Neil Bensen 5
Photo Available Amber of LBI 13049 Red Angel of LBI C Red 04/25/2002 Kathy Ireland Dan Butterfield 6
Photo Available White-O-Morn Red Diva 13002 Rainbow Hills Noel C Red 06/15/2002 Brenda Stringham Jeff & Cindy Hudlin 6
Photo Available BTF Little Bit o Snow 13818 Stuarts Blz Red Fluff B Red 02/23/2003 Karen Kohut James & Deanna Beauchamp 107

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