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9 Animals By Hillside Firebush
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Name ADCA# Dam Sorted by GenderGender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Twi Lite Hank 9829 W of M Cupcake B Black 11/03/1998 Ross Cursons Ross Cursons
Twi-lite Firefly 8209 Hiyu Dana B Red or Dun 03/08/1996 Ross Cursons W.C. Kadatz 8
Twi-Lite George 9366 Wee Gaelic Cindy B Black 03/11/1997 Ross Cursons Donna Rudd
Twi-Lite Geronimo 8950 Hiyu Dana B Black 03/16/1997 Ross Cursons Syd Cooper 14
Twilite Fresno 8314 Wee Gaelic Ms. Claire B Black 03/21/1996 Ross Cursons Donna Rudd 3
Twi-Lite Gina 8951 Wee Gaelic Tipperary C Black 03/13/1997 Ross Cursons W.C. Kadatz 2
Twi-Lite Gwen 8949 Wee Gaelic Ms. Claire C Black 03/19/1997 Ross Cursons W.C. Kadatz 2
Twi-Lite Hillery 9735 Wee Gaelic Cindy C Red or Dun 04/17/1998 Ross Cursons W.C. Kadatz 2
Twilite Fancy 8208 Lena of Myers Farm C Black 03/08/1996 Ross Cursons Ross Cursons

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