Progeny Report

7 Animals Out Of Stacey's Sweet Snickers
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Stacey's Sweets Kit-Kat 8039 Thomas' Prides Red Baron C Black 03/17/1996 Stacey June Hofaker
Staceys Blz Blk Munch 12135 Briarwood Blaze O'Glory C Black 03/03/2001 Stacey June Hofaker Stacey June Hofaker 1
Stacey's Blz Blk Doodl 13452 Briarwood Blaze O'Glory C Black 02/01/2002 Stacey June Hofaker Gerry Shepherd 4
Photo Available Staceys RY BLK Snipet 15401 Briarwood Fireball C Black 02/13/2004 Stacey June Hofaker Business Snake River Dexter 9
Staceys RY BLK Twix 016818 MLW Rory C Black 02/02/2005 Stacey June Hofaker Mary Young 3
Stacey's RY SWT Tart 018854 MLW Rory C Black 02/22/2006 Stacey June Hofaker Petr Demyanchuk
Stacey's SWT Blk Kiss 018855 MLW Rory C Black 03/11/2007 Stacey June Hofaker Nancy Deforest

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