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42 Animals By Rainbow Hills Anton Gold
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Rainbow Hills Anton Star 7924 Shoo Fly Doe B Red or Dun 07/20/1995 Jerry Starnes Neal Gilbert 12
Photo Available Rainbow Hills Comet 8495 Shoo Fly Rainbow's Mist B Dun 03/08/1996 Jerry Starnes Roland Belcher 28
Photo Available Rainbow Hills Hillary 8018 Seven C's Arista C Black 03/13/1996 Jerry Starnes Paula J Breedlove 4
Rainbow Hills Bethel 8017 Rainbow Hills Sweet Mist C Red or Dun 03/20/1996 Jerry Starnes Jerry Starnes
Rainbow Hills Black Bty 9919 Shoo Fly Lady Jane C Black 03/29/1996 Jerry Starnes Toni Laux
Rainbow Hills Wendy 8016 Shoo Fly Dora C Red or Dun 04/03/1996 Jerry Starnes Jerry Starnes
Rainbow Hills Shirl Tee 7916 Emerald Beth C Black 04/08/1996 Jerry Starnes James Rush
Rainbow Hills Ebony 7954 Morning Glorys Patty C Black 04/26/1996 Jerry Starnes Vickie Geny 4
Rainbow Hills Slendor 8021 Praise Him Kesha C Black 05/09/1996 Jerry Starnes Jerry Starnes
Rainbow Hills Star 8104 Shoo Fly Doe C Red or Dun 07/24/1996 Jerry Starnes Laura Jean Rice 4
Rainbow Hills Dollie 13090 Rainbow Hills Christy C Black 09/21/1996 Jerry Starnes Terry Parsons 4
Rainbow Hills Red Shine 8743 Rainbow Hills Sweet Mist C Red or Dun 02/22/1997 Jerry Starnes Robert Jr/Michelle Geans Jr 6
Rainbow Hills Gotcha 8742 Shortcake Queen C Black 03/13/1997 Jerry Starnes Robin Mueller 1
Dunn Chocolate of Diamond 8578 Rainbow Hills Virginia C Red or Dun 04/10/1997 James H Bennett Anthony Wood 1
Rainbow Hills Cleopatra 8741 Lake Meadow Crystal C Black 05/02/1997 Jerry Starnes Jerry Starnes 1
Rainbow Hills Tinkerbell 8740 Rainbow Hills Miss Ellie B Dun 05/16/1997 Jerry Starnes Helen Dixon 1
Rainbow Hills Little Red 9897 Shoo Fly Doe B Red or Dun 05/28/1997 Jerry Starnes George Poston 1
Rainbow Hills Alana 8745 Morning Glorys Amanda C Black 06/16/1997 Jerry Starnes Brenda Stringham 2
Rainbow Hills Molly 8744 Rainbow Hills Red Beauty C Red or Dun 09/07/1997 Jerry Starnes Brenda Stringham
Rainbow Hills Ivanhoe 8860 Parkridge Greta B Red or Dun 09/25/1997 Jerry Starnes Judy Sponaugle 29
Rainbow Hills Corker 8791 Praise Him Adah C Red or Dun 10/01/1997 Jerry Starnes Kuron McMinn
Rainbow Hills Sweetie Pie 9972 Rainbow Hills Sweet Gold C Red 11/08/1997 Jerry Starnes Kuron McMinn 1
Rainbow Hills Sugar Foot 9973 Story Brook Red Rain C Red or Dun 02/03/1998 Jerry Starnes Michael/Tracy Marino 4
Rainbow Hills Little Bit 9247 Shoo Fly Dora C Red or Dun 02/07/1998 Jerry Starnes Judy Sponaugle 3
Rainbow Hills St. B Hub 10414 Lake Meadow Crystal B Black 03/05/1998 Jerry Starnes Ronald Sturdevant 2

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