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41 Animals By Riverhill Saturn's Galaxy
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Riverhill Galaxy's Imprint 5952 Cranworth Sally C Black 07/30/1993 Cathy Nelson Cathy Nelson
Hiyu Mage II 7653 Bedford Oleander B Black 04/04/1994 Carol Davidson Carol Davidson
Hiyu Mourning Dove VI 7114 Wee Gaelic Ms. Armagh C Black 07/14/1994 Carol Davidson Ruth Stone 1
Hiyu Rambler II 7115 Hiyu Rosegay B Black 07/15/1994 Carol Davidson Monica Dexter 40
Hiyu Gillian 6839 Cranworth Winsome C Black 07/24/1994 Carol Davidson R.S. Springer 1
Photo Available Hiyu Scarab 7116 Hiyu Scilla B Black 07/29/1994 Carol Davidson John Wynn 5
Hiyu Rambler III 7117 Bedford Moss Rose B Black 08/06/1994 Carol Davidson Carol Davidson 12
Hiyu Scarab II 7118 Hiyu Skylark II B Black 08/07/1994 Carol Davidson Carol Davidson
Hiyu Mourning Dove VII 7119 Wee Gaelic Ms. Mayo C Black 08/11/1994 Carol Davidson Ruth Stone 4
Heritage Performer Acacia C1167 Earlona Bernadette C Black 12/31/1994 Lyle Young Lyle Young 1
Heritage Performer Tristan C1172 Glencara J R's Brigadoone B Black 04/15/1995 1
Glencara Tilley 7920 Valean's Black Rosedale C Black 05/05/1995 Orville Sorken
PJZ Morning Glory Galaxy 7447 Freedom Six C Black 08/30/1995 Peter Zuchetto Richard Zazelnchuk 1
PJZ Jewel Galaxy 7931 Miss Dolli C Black 02/22/1996 Peter Zuchetto Peter Zuchetto
Hillside Inkberry 9141 Hillside Espiscia B Black 04/20/1996 Allyn/Rita Nelson Allyn/Rita Nelson 40
Sagewood's Noelia 9596 Verano's Charm MR C Black 12/29/1997 Darlene Searles Darlene Searles
Photo Available Hillview Daren Jane 9193 Hillview Daisy May Lucifer C Black 03/01/1998 Stefani & Chris Millman 11
Hillview Sally 9194 Belle Fourche Sparklett C Black 03/06/1998 Susan Barron 11
Double DB El Rojo 10035 Hiyu Madrigal B Red or Dun 09/23/1998 Dawn Bittner Richard Madril 6
Birchwood Sir William 10195 Shome Dandi B Black 12/14/1998 Roger Lein June Lawson 4
Birchwood Candi 10673 Shome Mandi C Black 02/08/2000 Mark Lein Roger Lein 3
RDC Rainbow Sugarplum 12323 MLW Fuki Plum C Black 04/07/2001 Barbara Lacina Steve Langer 2
RDC Rainbow Miss Lexy 12324 MLW Sage La Rue C Black 04/13/2001 Barbara Lacina Barbara Lacina 3
Zediker Ranch Fir 12547 Zediker Kay B Black 12/28/2001 Jacki Zediker Jacki Zediker 4
J & D Zediker Jan 12664 Zediker Ruby C Black 01/04/2002 Jim/Dianne Zediker Jim/Dianne Zediker

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