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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Twainland Debbie 7032 Twainland Dove C Black 04/12/1994 James H. Mitchell James H. Mitchell
Twainland Millie 7033 Twainland Iris C Black 04/28/1994 Ernest Uchtman 4
Twainland Yale Aspen 6784 Twainland Daphne C Black 06/07/1994 Joe Bumpers 3
Hilltop Blackberry 6597 Lake Meadow Heather C Black 06/18/1994 Arthur Currier
Hilltop Holly 6819 Coco C Black 06/21/1994 John Ridgeway 1
Hilltop Heidi 6818 Hilltop Flora C Black 07/01/1994 Billie D. Watkins
Hilltop Hugh 7018 Hilltop Faye B Black 07/11/1994 Robert C. Jesseman
Hilltop Hogan 6821 Lake Meadow Evie B Red or Dun 07/20/1994 James H Bennett 10
Hilltop Taffee 6814 Hilltop Candee C Red or Dun 10/18/1994 Helen Dixon 4
Hilltop Hope 7017 Lake Meadow Bonnie C Black 12/15/1994 Billie D. Watkins Rudy Bricker 5
Shamrock Excel 7833 Twainland Jasmine B Black 05/02/1995 Patrick and Linda Mitchell Barbara A Percival 7
Shamrock Esther 7829 Twainland Star C Black 05/05/1995 Patrick and Linda Mitchell Patrick and Linda Mitchell 5
Shamrock Elzbieta 7420 Lil Sassy Betty C Black 05/10/1995 Patrick and Linda Mitchell Paul Gelderblom 5
Shamrock Echo 7831 Triple D's Paula C Black 05/12/1995 Steve Nance 4
Shamrock Ellen 7830 Twainland Morning Glory C Black 05/14/1995 Patrick and Linda Mitchell Patrick and Linda Mitchell 4
Shamrock Ferdinand 8614 Triple D's Paula B Black 03/19/1996 Patrick and Linda Mitchell Patrick and Linda Mitchell
Shamrock Felicia 8162 Twainland Jasmine C Black 04/11/1996 Patrick and Linda Mitchell Robert Goodwin 3
Shamrock Fiona 8163 Bonnie of Green Gables C Black 04/14/1996 Patrick and Linda Mitchell Kevin/Vicki Fisher
Shamrock Fawna 8164 Twainland Canna C Black 04/20/1996 Patrick and Linda Mitchell Joseph Sunderman 3
Shamrock Fancy Lady 8165 Shamrock Daisy C Black 07/02/1996 Patrick and Linda Mitchell John Ball Zoo 1

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