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16 Animals By Cranworth Pilliwiggin
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Rose 2813 Cranworth Yanna C Black 04/14/1984 Doris Crowe Carol Davidson 5
Doris 2814 Cranworth Minnie C Red or Dun 05/15/1984 Doris Crowe Chris Cooper 2
Kathy 2815 Cranworth Nosey C Red or Dun 05/20/1984 Doris Crowe Robert Welwood 1
Lynn 2816 Cranworth Jemima C Black 05/26/1984
Sylvester 2849 Cranworth Linnet B Black 06/26/1984 1
Joy 3076 Laverne C Black 03/15/1985 Doris Crowe Peter Cranham 1
Millie 3077 Cranworth Yanna C Black 03/23/1985 Doris Crowe Peter Cranham 1
May 3029 Cranworth Linnet C Black 05/01/1985 Doris Crowe Paul Taylor 6
Cranworth Veronica 3342 Woodmagic Zephyr's Dodo 2nd C Red or Dun 04/22/1986 Doris Crowe Jim Moody 6
Cranworth Victoria 3337 Mosey Klein of HyDrif C Black 04/22/1986 Doris Crowe Peter Vido 1
Cranworth Una 3339 Millie Klein of HyDrif C Black 05/07/1986 Doris Crowe Robert Welwood 2
Cranworth Virginia 3340 Woodmagic Plover 2nd C Red or Dun 05/20/1986 Doris Crowe Chris Cooper
Fairy Hill Peter 3731 Cranworth Tatiana B Red or Dun 04/26/1987 Peter Vido Dean Fleharty 103
Cranworth Winsome 3469 Cranworth Stella C Red or Dun 04/30/1987 Doris Crowe R.S. Springer 3
Photo Available Singleton Wendell 5429 Singleton Tulip B Black 05/05/1987 Berry Russ Chris Cooper 5
Cranworth Wyatt 3470 Cranworth Raven B Black 05/15/1987 Doris Crowe Gary Williams 14

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