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9 Animals Out Of Cranworth Plucky
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Singleton Snippet 2925 Charlie o'Briar Hill C Black 04/29/1984 Doris Crowe Hugh Richardson
Singleton Tulip 3038 Luigi C Red or Dun 05/05/1985 Peter Lunny R.S. Springer 7
Singleton William 3464 Key Largo B Black 03/20/1987 Berry Russ Donald Piehota 20
Dovetailed Wexford 4360 Cranworth Wulfstan B Red or Dun 05/12/1989 Berry Russ Rick Gonia
MLW Dovetailed Mac Cavan 4384 Moorsedge Master B Black 05/01/1990 Mark Weber Jim Nerenhausen 2
MLW Rudale Fergi 5809 Lucifer of Knotting C Black 05/07/1991 Mark Weber Barbara Lacina 7
Photo Available MLW Fuki Plum 6442 Sunny Dale Zebe C Black 06/01/1993 Mark Weber Barbara Lacina 5
MLW Plucking Petals 9153 Sunny Dale Zebe C Black 05/14/1994 Mark Weber Mark Weber 7
MLW Prudence 9860 Glencara Finerty C Black 11/06/1998 Mark Weber Mark Weber 3

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