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13 Animals By Brian o'Briar Hill
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Kevin o'Briar Hill 3067 Trillium Ceilidh B Black 07/11/1984 James G. Johnson Andrew Wallace 11
Irene o'Briar Hill 3572 Eileen o'Briar Hill C Black 03/03/1986 James G. Johnson 4
Blossom o'Briar Hill 3570 Cranworth Peaches C Black 03/17/1986 Dee Martin 4
Paddy o'Briar Hill 3576 Trillium Ceilidh B Black 03/17/1986 William Bledsoe 3
Prudence o'Briar Hill 3573 Cranworth Polly C Black 03/18/1986 James G. Johnson 9
Everett o'Briar Hill 3433 Tara o'Briar Hill B Black 03/21/1986 James G. Johnson Mike Guinn 5
Duchess o'Briar Hill 3496 Cranworth Princess C Black 03/24/1986 James G. Johnson 8
Anna o'Briar Hill 3569 Moira o'Briar Hill C Black 03/25/1986 James G. Johnson 5
Martin o'Briar Hill 3575 Cranworth Peggy Sue B Black 04/05/1986 James G. Johnson 70
Meggie o'Briar Hill 3497 Mary o'Briar Hill C Black 06/23/1986 James G. Johnson 6
Cluny o'Briar Hill 3574 Fiona o'Briar Hill B Black 06/24/1986 Allen Bontreger 6
Bonnie o'Briar Hill 3571 Bridget o'Briar Hill C Black 07/14/1986 Tony LaCaze 1
Stutzman o'Blackie 4123 Deidre o'Briar Hill C Black 08/21/1987 Levi Stutzman James G. Johnson 2

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