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9 Animals Out Of Shome Cairin
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Shome Dorthe 2735 Michael Mizzou C Black 04/12/1983 Clair Law
Shome Camei 2833 Trillium Gulliver C Black 04/04/1984 Dean Fleharty 6
Shome Casi 2970 Trillium Gulliver C Black 04/26/1985 Dean Fleharty Warren Ferriss 1
Shome Cayle 3333 Trillium Gulliver C Black 03/30/1986 Dean Fleharty 4
Shome Cathe 3559 Trillium Gulliver C Black 02/18/1987 Dean Fleharty 2
Kelvin Brandy 3834 Shome Eric's Jessy's James C Black 03/29/1988 Dean Fleharty 5
Kelvins Cookie 4327 Talisman Flynn C Black 04/20/1989
Kelvins Darice 4449 Talisman Flynn C Black 03/10/1990 John A. French
Kelvin Gale 7807 Kahoka Red Amos C Black 03/16/1995

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