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12 Animals By Ivan Von Der Vogelweide
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Black Sunlines 2377 Dixie O'Callen B Black 05/02/1981
Captain Sunlines 2376 Carlie Sunlines B Black 05/17/1981 Melvin Pierce Melvin Pierce 1
Ruth Sunlines 2332 Peerless Ruth C Red or Dun 06/05/1981 Guy Pierce R.S. Springer 8
Belinda Sunlines 2458 Talisman Belinda C Black 05/22/1982 Melvin Pierce Mike Slocum 7
Gypsy Rose Sunlines 2459 Dark Flower C Black 07/15/1982 Melvin Pierce Melvin Pierce 3
Praise Him Hannah 3013 Dixie O'Callen C Black 04/26/1984 Melvin Pierce Stan Cass 2
Wild Rose Sunlines 3292 Gypsy Rose Sunlines C Black 08/05/1984 Melvin Pierce Marvin Johnson 7
Torbie Sue 3059 Dark Flower C Black 08/09/1984 Melvin Pierce 3
Rocky Sunlines 3238 Rocky Belle B Black 04/10/1985 Guy Pierce James H. Mitchell 16
Praise Him Samson 3724 Gypsy Rose Sunlines B Black 04/26/1985 Melvin Pierce Stan Cass 1
Praise Him Ruth 3015 Carlie Sunlines C Black 05/15/1985 Melvin Pierce Stan Cass 6
Gypsy Rose II 3236 Dark Tulip C Black 04/04/1986 Melvin Pierce 3

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