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33 Animals By Unknown Sire
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Name ADCA# Dam Sorted by GenderGender Color Birth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Cartref Dante EM1348 Cartref Dot B Black 08/13/1942 7
Castle Morton Emblem EM1325 Unknown Dam B Black 08/08/1940 2
Didgemere Tarzan EM1338 Unknown Dam B Black 04/28/1941 1
Homestead Bonny Boy EM1414 Unknown Dam B Black 07/29/1944 2
Ickwell Conqueror EM1339 Unknown Dam B Black 10/19/1941 8
Marsh Trumpeter EM1373 Unknown Dam B Black 06/26/1942 1
Maxim of Hempstead House 473 Unknown Dam B Black 01/01/1800 1
Pentre Hobyn Blue Boy EM1282 Unknown Dam B Black 11/25/1937 1
Pentre Hobyn Echo EM1549 Unknown Dam B Black 08/23/1950 3
Runnymede Black Prince EM1378 Unknown Dam B Black 10/30/1943 4
Runnymede Peachstone EM1334 Unknown Dam B Black 06/02/1940 2
Wenden Hangover EM1531 Unknown Dam B Black 10/18/1949 1
Ashtonhayes Dipper 6th EF5353 Unknown Dam C Black 03/21/1942 1
Cartref Dot EF5299 Unknown Dam C Black 04/04/1940 1
Castle Morton Chloris EF5226 Unknown Dam C Black 08/20/1940 1
Clarice of Hempstead House 474 Unknown Dam C Black 01/01/1800 1
Clover of Hempstead House 482 Unknown Dam C Black 01/01/1800 1
Coates Diadem EF5230 Unknown Dam C Black 03/24/1940 4
Didgemere Belladonna EF5636 Unknown Dam C Black 12/09/1945 1
Doesmead Belinda 2nd EFC036 Unknown Dam C Black 01/01/1800 1
Elysian Amber EF5545 Ickwell Amber C Black 06/16/1944 1
Elysian Kings Penelope EF5815 Unknown Dam C Black 12/08/1947 2
Grinstead Hawk 35th EF5243 Unknown Dam C Black 07/26/1940 2
Grinstead Hawk 38th EF5311 Unknown Dam C Black 09/24/1941 2
Grinstead Hawk 48th EF5455 Grinstead Hawk 38th C Black 10/18/1943 1

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