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12 Animals By Persistant of Bethel
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Gypsy Prince 1978 Alpine Tina B Black 02/23/1977 Donald Piehota K.C. Howard 15
Gypsy Rose 1952 Memory of Bethel C Red or Dun 12/10/1977 Donald Piehota 7
Gypsy Noel 1953 Brady's Run Susie C Black 12/23/1977 Donald Piehota Janellen Cole 9
Gypsy Dancer 1954 Cathy of Bethel C Black 12/26/1977 Donald Piehota Donald Piehota 2
Gypsy Melody 1965 Drivaline Ebony Sarah C Black 01/25/1978 Keith Kimble 8
Talisman Charm 2040 Talisman Georgette C Black 08/07/1978 John Hays Richard Keep 8
Talisman Ptolemy 2109 Peerless Cutie B Black 01/17/1979 John Hays Gary L. Prichard 16
Talisman Clara Bow 2110 Peerless Fancy C Black 03/09/1979 John Hays John Hays 6
McKenzie's Timber Lumber Jack 2126 Talisman Timber Girl B Black 05/29/1979 Edward Weber 3
Talisman Bridgette 2113 Talisman Georgette C Black 07/02/1979 John Hays Cecil Peters 3
Talisman Fezziwig 2188 Peerless Cutie B Black 12/15/1979 John Hays John Hays 2
Talisman Birdie 2187 Peerless Fancy C Black 02/16/1980 John Hays Howard Beeman 4

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