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8 Animals Out Of Legend Red Mona
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Legend Red Mariah 017758 Tama Titanium C Red 06/17/2006 Barbara Netti Barbara Netti 4
Photo Available Legend Red Maximus 019514 Tama Titanium B Red 10/08/2007 Barbara Netti Richard Tomasini 10
Photo Available Legend Red Marvel 022116 Tama Titanium C Red 06/20/2009 Barbara Netti Preston Gustafson 5
Legend Red Spitfire 024558 Legend Red Maverick B Red 10/14/2010 Barbara Netti Dan Bauerle
Photo Available Legend Red Rio 026387 Legend Red Maverick B Red 11/23/2011 Barbara Netti Todd Shaffett 17
Legend Red Reward 029724 Cascade's Wrangler B Red 11/07/2012 Barbara Netti Jay DeLouche
Legend Red Merit 034373 Cascade's Wrangler B Red 11/16/2013 Barbara Netti Carrie Neiheiser
Legend Red Macho 035603 Cascade's Wrangler B Red 10/20/2014 Barbara Netti Barbara Netti

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