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56 Animals By Woodmagic Hedgehog III
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Sorted by ColorColor Birth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Fingerlakes Rutherford P204565 Peaceful Acres Josie S Unknown
Glenn Land Mr Trevor P204494 Glenn Land Ms Silver S Unknown 3
Glenn Land Mr. Thomas P204506 Glenn Land Ms Molly S Unknown
Glenn Land Ms Tracy P204498 Glenn Land Ms Riki S Unknown 2
Lane's End Apogee P203849 Lane's End Aura S Unknown 1
Lane's End Eudemon P205026 Lane's End Eula Unknown 2
ESF Zo's Magic Warrior 036624 Zodiac's P-Bar Arkansa B Dun 10/18/2014 Ted Anderson Emily & Nathan Gates & Family 10
Fay Farm's Cookie 036048 LPFM Colleen MM C Dun 06/07/2014 Brandon & Sarah Fay Chad & Jamie Hazelton
Glenn Land Mr Tor 035659 Glenn Land Ms Nona B Dun 04/14/2007 Wes Patton Brody & Robin Johnson 38
Little Bit Winston 023929 Chiquita Rosita B Dun 04/17/2006 Neil Sorensen Steve Langer 5
Shome J Hedgess 024279 Shome Jani C Dun 04/08/2006 Dean Fleharty Steve Langer
Tuppenny Goldrush 016939 OTF's April S Dun 09/06/2005 Cynthia Williams Ken Johnson 1
Tuppenny HRH Roxanne 024141 Tuppenny Robin C Dun 10/01/2010 Cynthia Williams Mary & Joseph Cramer
4T Mr Incredible Magic 024515 Flint Hills Peanut B Black 05/25/2010 David/Becky Turner Jack O Scott 8
Arrowhead Valentine 029816 Colleen C Black 02/10/2012 Gregg J Gormley Gregg J Gormley
ESF Wood Jack 023294 Zodiac's P-Bar Arkansa B Black 09/12/2009 Ted Anderson Randy & Karen Hall 30
Photo Available ESF Zo's Black Magic 021650 Zodiac's P-Bar Arkansa B Black 08/08/2008 Ted Anderson Sally & Jesse Adams 8
Photo Available ESF Zo's Magic Minit 031411 Zodiac's P-Bar Arkansa C Black 08/20/2012 Ted Anderson James & Shannon Hutchison 2
ESF Zo's Magic Queen 025649 Zodiac's P-Bar Arkansa C Black 09/01/2011 Ted Anderson Randy & Kandi Fulcher 2
ESF Zo's Magic Thunder 033982 Zodiac's P-Bar Arkansa B Black 09/27/2013 Ted Anderson Jessica & RJ Gibbons
ESF Zo's Midnite Magic 024889 Zodiac's P-Bar Arkansa C Black 09/30/2010 Ted Anderson Tammara & Billy Adams 3
FG Mhiceit ( Wicket ) 018889 Sherwood Forest Beulah B Black 01/18/2006 Kari Dalton Terry/Donn Underwood
Fingerlakes Andraea 038649 Fingerlakes Treasa C Black 06/11/2008 Rose Marie Belforti Rose Marie Belforti 4
Photo Available Fingerlakes Rutherford 033526 Peaceful Acres Josie B Black 04/11/2007 Rose Marie Belforti Kelvin & Diane Tomlinson 24
Fingerlakes Selke 038678 Limerick Muirstead C Black 04/25/2013 Rose Marie Belforti Rose Marie Belforti

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