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32 Animals By Parndon Bullfinch
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Ramona 1461 Lee's Hill Stardust B Black 06/12/1968 Mabel Ingalls Wilmer Schmell 8
Eagle Rock Bullfinch 1476 Lee's Hill Judy B Black 05/04/1969 3
Topaz of Clove Brook 1524 Quink of Clove Brook C Black 01/02/1970 Mabel Ingalls Mabel Ingalls 4
Termite of Clove Brook 1525 Lee's Hill Stardust C Black 10/29/1970 Mabel Ingalls Mabel Ingalls 8
Malachy of Limerick 1518 Lee's Hill Banshee B Black 01/11/1971
Malach's Bernadette 1600 Malach's Laurie C Black 05/05/1972
Shome Jewle 1611 Peerless Dilly C Black 12/04/1972 Dean Fleharty James H. Mitchell 7
Malach's Julie 1650 Malach's Laurie C Black 04/02/1973 Chester Malach Marcia G Read 7
Charmore Gentle 1761 Laura of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav C Black 04/12/1975 C. P. Gilmore Jack Goodman 5
Erin Von Der Vogelweide 1773 Hill Munan B Black 07/14/1975 Hans A. Walther John Howard 9
Photo Available Malach's Bridget 1727 Malach's Julie C Black 08/06/1975 Chester Malach Marcia G Read 5
Photo Available Mar Nell's Black Magic 1804 Mar Nell's Black Lady B Black 01/31/1976 Marvin Mackey Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas 60
Brendon of Norell's Bounty 1791 Renia of Tak-Sca-Du-Hav B Black 02/29/1976
Zulu of Clove Brook 1808 Quink of Clove Brook B Black 06/25/1976 Mabel Ingalls Mabel Ingalls 6
Photo Available Malach's Corey O'Callen 1832 Malach's Julie B Black 07/13/1976 Chester Malach Marcia G Read 36
Fergus Von Der Vogelweide 1829 Hill Munan B Black 07/16/1976 Hans A. Walther John Howard 8
Giesela Von Der Vogelweide 1947 Hill Munan C Black 07/04/1977 Hans A. Walther Hans A. Walther 3
Gloria Von Der Vogelweide 1946 Hill Munan C Black 07/04/1977 3
Gerald Von Der Vogelweide 1948 Xantippe of Clove Brook B Black 07/06/1977 Hans A. Walther Louis Alderete 7
Keith O'Callen 1950 Malach's Julie B Black 08/22/1977 Chester Malach 3
Blackcap of Clove Brook 2035 Quink of Clove Brook B Black 01/11/1978 Mabel Ingalls Mabel Ingalls 3
Bracken of Clove Brook 2034 Termite of Clove Brook C Black 03/22/1978
Oakleaf Daisy Mae 2016 Polly O'Callen C Black 05/26/1978 Dennis Fosburgh Dennis Fosburgh 3
Rose's Briar III 2563 Rosette Jed B Black 12/02/1981
Footprint Midnight 3826 Braco Rory's Tara B Black 04/12/1988 Brenda Purdy Eric Meyer 13

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