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17 Animals By Circle H's Philbert
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Circle H's April Anne 14787 Circle H's May C Black 09/30/2000 Gerald Holmquist Gabriella Nanci 3
Photo Available Circle H's Lucy 016273 Circle H's Liberty C Black 06/21/2001 Gerald Holmquist Monica Dexter 1
Circle H's Tulip 14732 Circle H's Belle C Black 07/02/2001 Gerald Holmquist Gabriella Nanci 1
Circle H's Frederick 13691 Circle H's June B Red 10/12/2001 Gerald Holmquist Susan Barron 68
Photo Available Circle H's Sandy 016276 Circle H's June C Red or Dun 01/07/2002 Gerald Holmquist Peter & Susan Kirchner 3
Photo Available Circle H's Penny 14734 Circle H's Liberty C Red 05/20/2002 Gerald Holmquist Don & Sheila Farris 8
Circle H's Massey 13692 Circle H's Noel B Black 09/25/2002 Gerald Holmquist Joel Myers
Circle H's Nutmeg 14731 Circle H's Liberty C Red 04/13/2003 Gerald Holmquist Stefani & Chris Millman 10
Photo Available Circle H's Naomi 14733 Circle H's Tulip C Black 05/01/2003 Gerald Holmquist Shelley Verdi 2
Circle H's Nicki 14788 Circle H's April Anne C Black 05/02/2003 Gerald Holmquist Gabriella Nanci
Photo Available Circle H's Deer 016277 Circle H's Lucy C Red or Dun 06/04/2003 Gerald Holmquist Monica Dexter 4
Circle H's Bethany 016272 Circle H's June C Black 07/22/2003 Gerald Holmquist Monica Dexter
Photo Available Circle H's Bellis 016274 Circle H's Daisy C Black 12/10/2004 Gerald Holmquist Cindy Johnson 6
Bernia of Lone Oak 017348 Kyla Of Lone Oak C Black 05/20/2005 Alvy Crimmins Carol/Doug Wick
Lone Oak Trillium 020587 Kyla Of Lone Oak C Black 12/15/2006 Alvy Crimmins Lucy LaFayette
Rose Of Lone Oak 019084 Beauty C Black 06/05/2007 Alvy Crimmins Janelle Starr 1
Photo Available Lone Oak Caroline 019766 Magic Lisa Colclough C Black 09/15/2007 Alvy Crimmins Stefani & Chris Millman

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