Progeny Report

7 Animals Out Of Thomas' FB Dun Morro
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Name ADCA# Sire Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Photo Available Thomas' RY Red Rocket 15500 MLW Rory B Red 07/04/2004 Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas Lloyd Frazier 7
Photo Available Thomas' RY Blk Mulan 016801 MLW Rory C Black 05/10/2005 Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas Chris & Nicole Ricard 3
Photo Available Thomas' TX Red Mo'ral 018453 Pope Farm Texas Chief C Red 06/18/2006 Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas Dan Butterfield 1
Photo Available Thomas' JVA Red Mira 018851 Thomas' RSCL Red Java C Red 05/01/2007 Sandra J. & A.L. Thomas Wayne and Misty Lyon 1
Celestial Lian 035344 Briarwood Red Nova C Red 04/10/2009 Chris & Nicole Ricard Chris & Nicole Ricard 1
Celestial Neptune 033045 Celestial Kiche C Dun 02/20/2013 Chris & Nicole Ricard Ken and Mckenzie Rosenberry 1
Celestial Elsa 035895 Celestial Kiche C Black 12/30/2014 Chris & Nicole Ricard Chris & Nicole Ricard

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