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12 Animals By Peerless Winston
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Name ADCA# Dam Gender Color Sorted by Birth DateBirth Date Breeder Owner Progeny
Kentucky Black Knight 1193 Atlantic Haze 2nd B Black 03/19/1964
Peerless Haze 1213 C Black 06/21/1964 1
Peerless Pirate 1292 Peerless Valentine B Black 05/06/1965 32
Peerless Dixie 1291 Peerless Puddle C Black 05/11/1965 Daisy Moore Daisy Moore 11
Peerless Roxy 1293 Peerless Peaches C Black 10/01/1965 Daisy Moore Daisy Moore 3
Peerless Tar Baby 1294 Peerless Puddin C Black 11/16/1965 2
Peerless Buster 1354 Peerless Puddle B Black 04/02/1966 Daisy Moore Daisy Moore
Peerless May 1386 Peerless Dark Trick C Black 05/14/1966 Daisy Moore Daisy Moore 2
Peerless Cutie 1385 Peerless Valentine C Black 05/15/1966 Daisy Moore Daisy Moore 10
Peerless June 1387 Peerless Brownie C Black 06/13/1966 Daisy Moore Daisy Moore
Peerless Pinky 1388 Peerless Peaches C Black 08/13/1966 Daisy Moore Daisy Moore 1
Peerless Kitten 1389 Peerless Kelly C Black 08/20/1966 Daisy Moore Daisy Moore

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